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- Changes to Fort Keen and CCXX

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Unclassified Information => General Discussion => : Arev September 14, 2010, 12:23:00 PM

: Changes to Fort Keen and CCXX
: Arev September 14, 2010, 12:23:00 PM
In Episode I we learned that the Gungans and the Naboo formed a symbiotic relationship, the same can be said about CCXX and Fort Keen. Although currently based in Bastion, Lok, CCXX has been instrumental in getting Fort Keen off the ground. For those that don't know, Fort Keen entered a period of internal drama, tearing itself in two. Because CCXX was there at the beginning, I am looking for your support again as part of the Fort Keen revival.

The issue of change to Fort Keen is somewhat controversial. For many, including CCXX members, the concept of a 'working fort' is new and exciting, something that is very hard to pull off. Additionally, any changes may be considered an attempt to cater to a vocal minority, which is true.

There are three reasons for change.

First, one of the chief criticisms I heard about Fort Keen was that it was "too Imperial" - essentially it limited itself to Imperials and Imperial allies (which are even fewer than Imperial RPers). Considering that Starsider is notoriously Rebel- and criminal-friendly, this made it very hard to attract new visitors that didn't want to 'jump through Imperial hoops'.

The second part of this is simple the stigma Fort Keen acquired over the past two years. Whether deserved or not, through my own actions and another Imperial RPer, Fort Keen drew the criticisms of vocal SSG members to point where Fort Keen, in its current form, is not attract to many RPers, because they believe that if by showing up in Fort Keen, bad things will happen. While I can reassure them otherwise, the 'stigma' remains.

Finally, I have sentimental reasons for the changes themselves. Even if I managed to rebuild Fort Keen brick-for-brick, it still wouldn't be the same Fort Keen, but a refit (like Enterprise-A). It wouldn't make much sense for Fort Keen to change, because, to those narrow-minded individuals who drew those negative perceptions in the first place, will still view it as the same regardless of what is 'said'. I'll use an example: There was once another player city around Starsider that was largely successful. For various reasons, it too fell apart. A new group took it over, adjusted some policies, but wanted to maintain its legacy. The 'community' didn't accept it and the city's inevitable demise was a long, drawn-out process.

I don't want to see that happen to Fort Keen, which is why I fervently believe that a complete overhaul to Fort Keen is fundamentally necessary for its legacy (in a way) to continue.

My changes include the following (tentative):
- Upon the onset of the Clone Wars, the Republic occupied the Prakith Outpost on Kashyyyk. As the Republic transitioned into the Empire, the military facilities it had established remained in placed, including its base commander. Following the Wookiee Uprising and the Second Battle of Kashyyyk, the Empire withdrew most of its forces to combat the growing Rebel Alliance. The newly christened Outpost Kappa still maintains an Imperial Navy base and monitoring station as well as serving as a Scout Detachment Headquarters.
- Because of the growing demands of the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, Outpost Kappa was instrumental in securing Wookiee slaves. Likewise, the Empire has extended contracts to various corporations for the pillaging of Kashyyyk's resources, most of which is processed through Outpost Kappa.
- OOCly, OK is meant to serve as junction between Imperial military RP and those seeking an organized venue for *legalized* shady dealings (not the illegal kind, which is more than common around Starsider). Now, it's still a military base, but it's also part civilian trading outpost as well. It is very similar to Fort Mandan or Fort Keogh during the Indian Wars, serving dual purposes.

What about Ruh, Kentt, and Amodeus?

Ruh is the IC properiter of Shi'od Enterprises, like all good businessmen, he is actively seeking to expansion. What better opportunity to expand than Kashyyyk in the Mid Rim (while he's already based in the Core).

Kentt' is currently undercover as a Smuggler, flying around in his Y8. Naturally, he will be looking for additional employment as his cover, it would make perfect sense for him to take a posting at Outpost Kappa. In fact, he may find some clerical in the near future. ;)

My character, Amodeus DuCar, a former ISB Colonel, has since entered retirement because High Command felt he was becoming too "outdated" against the more viral Rebels and did not want to resign himself, again, to the Imperial Center.  He will be taking the posting of Civilian Administrator. He may need a Deputy and a pilot as well. He may still be doing some behind the scenes work for the Empire as well...

These are the reasons and plans I am planning to implement with CCXX's approval. If you have any questions, never hesistate to ask. If you would like to move into Fort Keen, please talk to myself, Ruh, or Kentt'. On an unrelated note, if you would like to help decorate buildings, donate goodies or services, please let me know as well.


: Changes to Fort Keen and CCXX
: Operative Ghost September 14, 2010, 08:23:00 PM
Hmm, now that I see the details I can understand it more.  I like the history too.  For Kentt', I can see him stopping there for work (though he wouldn't be moving slaves, and he generally frowns on the whole slavery thing :P).

I am not sure if it may get the chance to get a Navy squadron... as a outpost on wookworld may not get a whole lot, maybe just outdated stuff.  Though I would lol at the TIE designations (ex OK-###-#)... much like Ometra's which could always be (ex OM-NOM-#) lol.  If it is civilian trading outpost though... I can see it having neutral/mercenary help which CCXX could always do once we get up and going with the space RP.

Another brainstorm I have, though it is slightly taken from Orleans... is if we get enough tree houses, and compact Keen to a smaller scale (moving everything closer and not as spread out) we could always do what was done at New Orleans back on Kettemoor (I got a epic screenshot of it with the parks in the distance for those who remember the place... got the screeny somewhere... :D) and surround the whole city with a layer of trees and parks to give it more of a inclosed tree feel.  Maybe just do one line around with the trees, or at least space them around to give a feel that the forest is starting in the distance (as we might not have enough for a full circle around).  Still looking for my trees btw...

I wouldn't be able to do much decorating here as Bastion is first in line for my decorating projects if I get around to that.  But the good thing is most of the decorating in most of the main buildings are all ready a done deal for Keen heh.

PS: Gah!  Tusky is not a office worker!  He is not a paperwork person unless he has to write a incident report.  That's like a Nova Trooper working as a janitor! LOL

PS#2: Got ideas for the name of the Corellian Dream... most are all chuckle worthy.  The Shaved Furball or Shaved Wookie... or the Nude Wookie... there are a few variations as you see.  But it would generally be a name the Wookie race would not like.  But, being that you deal with walking-carpet-slavery, it would fit.  It would also give the Wookie RPers something to go at :P
: Changes to Fort Keen and CCXX
: Operative Ghost October 31, 2010, 10:56:00 PM
For those who are wondering on the progress on this, the gears for Outpost Kappa are now turning. The final names for the main buildings have been named, four beautifully decorated trees have been grown, and more is hopefully soon to come. I have also moved my vendor named "Tusky Mafia Trader" into one of the trees, known as "Trading Huts".

Anyways... just a small speck of info for those interested :)
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