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General Discussion / Re: Comments on "Restless Hearts"
« Last post by Operative Ghost on June 16, 2011, 11:32:47 pm »
Ack! I fell behind in my reading! O.O
Sorry Ony, I only seemed to have read till the 8th.  3 entries on one day!  I got some reading to do!!!
Sitting on the edge of my seat here!!!!

Is already on the edge of his seat and he still needs to get off this comments thread and read it!...
OK He's reading it!!! :D
General Discussion / Re: Comments on "Restless Hearts"
« Last post by Onyxs on June 15, 2011, 04:33:27 am »

Loving the latest parts. A chapter and a half of suspense and jaw-dropping scenes. Got some great answers to a few of the questions and a batch of new question waiting to be answered.

It's got a fantastic balance between the action/suspense scenes and time to breath in between with insight into some of my favorite characters.

Absolutely cannot wait for the rest of the latest chapter. Sitting on the edge of my seat here!!!!
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on June 14, 2011, 11:56:03 pm »
Lassay, Naboo

2345 Hours, Wednesday
It had been a fruitful day for Agent Vixen, splitting her time between the stable and local cantina.  She had been given a name by the stable boy, Deel Pohar, as the man responsible for all of the late night movement.  Shellbee had tracked him down at the town’s only eatery, where she monitored him from a distance.  Just after lunch, Vixen sent a message to Jezebel on the man in question, and reported that she had a source of information within the village.
After some more flirting and questioning the ranch hand, a power nap, and a shower, Vixen received her reply from her Commander.  Deel Pohar was an alias, but the picture of the man closely matched a former RSF agent turned rogue named Sa-Vin Grifke.  Sa-Vin had disappeared only a few months ago after some questionable activities put him on the radar for Internal Affairs.  He was suddenly transferred to Lassay just before the RSF withdrew its people from there.  When the orders were given for that entire garrison to relocate to Keren, he never reported.  He was named a person of interest to the RSF, but currently, he wasn’t wanted for any crimes.
Now, at this late hour, Captain Belle watched as Deel Pohar/Sa-Vin Grifke left his modest home to attend to the latest shipment of supplies.  She followed him to another medium sized building, a large roll down door dominating its front. It was here that a Royal Transportation Authority speeder truck met Pohar.  The smuggler rolled open the large door, and several Gungans emerged, making quick work of unloading the speeder truck.  Pohar handed the driver something, and he turned and hopped into the driver’s seat of the truck, and sped off into the night.
Vixen sent an image of the speeder truck, including a close-up shot of its registration number, back to Major Kassel.  Deel Pohar made some sort of signal to the Gungans, who then made their way off into the night, in the direction of the stable.  It looked like they were going to move supplies tonight, and Agent Vixen would make sure they were tracked.
Imperial Garrison, Theed

0021 Hours, Thursday
The family of twi’lek sat in comfortable chairs in what had been a Colonel’s office until an hour ago.  Master Sergeant Novastriker was given use of the room to sequester the family in relative comfort, to assure them they were not in any kind of trouble.  The Garrison Colonel had initially protested the maneuver, until he received a direct call from Special Forces Command.  Apparently whomever he had spoken to had persuaded him that it was a good career move to allow CorSec access to his facility.
“Now that you are all reasonably comfortable, let me do some explaining,” Novastriker began.
“I am with Corellian Security’s Smuggling Interdiction Agency, going on almost 25 years in fact.”
“Good for you,” Koyi interrupted.
“A few months ago,” the Master Sergeant continued, ignoring the young girl, “one of our informants tipped us off in regards to a smuggling operation.”
“Smuggling items on and off of Corellia is not especially newsworthy, except this stuff was military hardware; I am talking serious fire power.  Most of the stuff was getting sent there disguised as mining equipment.  A local entrepreneur was rumored to be connected, but his tracks were covered very well.  Follow me so far?”
“Yes,” Lord Lom sighed, “I am waiting to hear the part that required you to break into my home this evening.”
“Right, very well.  What made it so difficult to track down the equipment was the speed at which it was moved.  It was becoming obvious it was not being stored for use on Corellia at all; it was just being used as a distribution point.  We directed our search here because the entrepreneur had made several visits here in the months prior; in fact, he had been seen with several dignitaries in public.”
Sillum Lom’s mind began to race, Corellian entrepreneur, frequent visits to Naboo, seen with many members of the Royal Court.  A name suddenly came to his lips as he closed his eyes.
“Vantiss,” he breathed.
“Yes, Lord Lom, Vantiss. I was sent undercover to track your business dealings, your movements, and the like.  Because you and he had several dealings, and we had to find out if and how he was getting the weapons onto Naboo.”
“I assure you, all of my dealings with him were legitimate!” Sillum shrieked.
“They may have been, but he and someone in the Royal Court have been using you to deliver supplies to terrorists in the Lassay region.”
Suddenly, Novastriker had Koyi’s attention. Before she could speak, the CorSec officer read the expression on her face.
“You, young lady, inadvertently helped get this case the proper amount of attention from the Imperial authorities.  When you had your Daddy look into the location of the Stormtrooper field base, it drew all sorts of attention from a lot of important people.”
He paused, arching his eyebrow at the young twi’lek.
“That’s when the Imperials started keeping tabs on all of you as well.”
Command & Control Center

Field Base Baz Nitch, Naboo

0135 Hours, Thursday
The makeshift command center was buzzing with activity, with a total of five people occupying the meager space.  Information had been streaming in from all sources, and the intelligence operators were expertly assembling it all.  Both long range patrols, a team from Field Base Acklay and Ravenheart’s team, had reported finding equipment at the sites in question.  Ensign Dunerunner wore a smug expression when her suspicions were confirmed.
Agent Vixen had nailed down the middle man in Lassay, and simply by flirting with a talkative stable boy.  She had also provided some intelligence involving a delivery vehicle, which Outlaw and company was currently en route to intercept.  Vixen would also place a tracking device somewhere with the supply caravan about to leave Lassay, hopefully leading to the Rebel base.
Major Kassel had also received a call from an Inspector from CorSec’s Smuggling Interdiction Agency, explaining that they had a break in a major case. He stated that the day’s event’s had yielded information that she would find useful.  Of course, Mastermind had already informed her of the Lom family being taken into protective custody. It was in fact a Stormtrooper Special Forces Detachment dressed as and RSF Tactical Entry Team that pulled off the operation.  General Sturmwolke had been vague on how it pertained to Operation Ghost Viper, but also added that the murder of an RTA Commissioner might be involved.  Jezebel was glad that Outlaw had vacated the camp before the news came in about his girlfriend and her parents; added stress right now was not needed.
The Intelligence Officer was running a tight operation at the moment, but she was on edge, almost nervous.  The amount of the Task Force’s resources currently committed was bordering on dangerous.  Gunships were poised to support the various operatives in the field, but not enough.  There were just enough infantry Lartys available to extract the long range patrols. Outlaw’s team was forced to take one of the back-ups, and they were going to be flying in as a single craft, without any immediate support.  The current Quick Reaction Force on stand-by was actually a pair of long range teams that were slated for insertion less than 24 hours from now.  The side effect of pushing this operation at such a rapid pace was the breaking down of the equipment and personnel, and it was threatening to get worse.
“Major, there is an encrypted message marked urgent for you. I am downloading it to your secure data device,” one of Jezebel’s aides said.
“Very good,” the Major replied, knowing already who the sender was.
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on June 14, 2011, 10:14:11 pm »
Chapter 13

You don’t know how you took it,
You just know what you’ve got.
Oh Lordy you’ve been stealing,
From the thieves and you got caught.
Somewhere Northwest of Lassay, Naboo

2204 Hours, Wednesday
It was just after ten pm local time in the jungle, the surroundings were completely different than during the daylight hours.  Fortunately for 1st Sergeant Ravenheart, she and her team were much more comfortable moving at night.  To fill the gap left by the deceased member of her team, Outlaw had selected SSG “Krayt” A’Sardu, whose own team was incomplete due to illness and injury.  It was a simple conclusion for the Lieutenant to make, keep Krayt from sitting on the shelf as well as lend some experience to Slice’s team.  Outlaw also didn’t want Ravenheart and company to sit out much longer, it was the old adage about getting right back on the horse that threw you off.
Staff Sergeant A’Sardu toted along his C-M Reaper Sniper Rifle for this mission in addition to his usual trusty E-11 rifle.  He laid prone, elbows in the dirt, with hands on the grip of the Reaper, its bipod steadying the weapon on the soft ground.   The highly accomplished sniper was using his rifle scope to view a patch of vegetation that had been identified by the satellite geeks as having some importance.  Ravenheart was less than a meter away, in a similar posture, surveying the terrain in front of them.  Sgt Visk Chobrea was 20 meters away from the pair, eyes on the 9 O’clock position. From another 20 meters away, Cpl Firestone and Sgt Freedark covered the 3 O’clock and 6 O’clock positions respectively.
“Slice, take a look at this,” Krayt whispered suddenly.
Ravenheart repositioned her macro binoculars to focus in front of her.
“Follow that line of trees directly in front of you until you get to a brownish bush, it looks like it’s dead,” the scout directed, his squad leader hummed an acknowledgment.
“Okay, now go about ten degrees in front of that, you should see a large patch of vegetation, you have it Sarge?”
“Okay, I see it Krayt … wait … there is something metallic below it … are you seeing what I am seeing?”
“Looks like a couple of hover tanks,” Krayt whispered.
“You bet your ass it is, I have to call this in,” Slice replied.
Theed, Naboo

2300 Hours, Wednesday
Despite being an advisor to the Queen for many years, Lord Lom had never experienced a day quite this stressful.  He explained in great detail the entire situation to Captain Sykes, who promised to begin an investigation in the morning.  The Interior Minister noted that the RSF Captain was quite reassuring, though he warned Lom not to speak to anyone else on the matter until he had heard back from him.  Feeling like the case was in good hands, the nobleman thought some sleep was in order.  Lord Lom peeked into his daughter’s room to note that she was asleep in her bed.  A smile came to his face, the reason he wasn’t readily sure of, perhaps it was just the relief of having her spend the night where he knew she was safe.

Sillum Lom padded slowly down the hall to the room he shared with his wife of nearly twenty years, when something caught his eye.  He turned to his right, toward the rooftop terrace, where he swore he had spotted some movement.  It was probably nothing; he admonished himself as he looked out the sliding glass doors, not seeing anything out of place.  He took a deep breath.
“I’m just being paranoid,” he said softly.
Suddenly, a loud ding announced the arrival of building’s elevator in the first level foyer.
“What in the hell?” exclaimed the diplomat as he spun around 180 degrees.
That was when Lord Sillum Lom’s breath caught in his throat.  A pair of armed figures in black fatigues and black masks bore down the hallway directly at him.  An astonished Lom attempted to turn back toward the terrace, when the glass behind him slid open, revealing another armed individual.
“What’s going on? Daddy, help me!” screamed Koyi from the other room.
“Baby!” shouted Lord Lom.
Similar muffled pleas for help could be heard from his own bedroom, as the trio of interlopers closed in on him quietly.  He watched in horror as his wife and daughter were brought out into the hallway by two separate pairs of armed intruders.
“What have I done?” Sillum Lom tearfully asked.
1st Sergeant Ravenheart reported her findings to Major Kassel at the CNC, and even uploaded several photographic images to her information center.  The patrol painstakingly combed the area, quietly and carefully, in search of any other information.  They confirmed that it was in fact a hide site for six T2-B Hover Tanks, fully armed and fueled.  Slice’s men were very cautious, wary of possible booby traps or motion sensors.  Unless the Alliance was extremely stupid, their base was probably very nearby.
When the patrol was satisfied with their survey of the area, they pulled back into a safe position to await orders from Command.  Within three minutes, the orders came from Major Kassel.  Place a tiny tracking device on the tanks and leave the area, leave no trace you were ever there.  It was clear to Slice and company that this was clearly a small part of a much bigger picture.  Major Jezebel could not take the chance at destroying the tanks, and alert the Rebels that the Task Force was on to them.  There was a much larger force out there, and the Empire needed to know where it was and what its intentions were.
Slice relayed the plan to her squad, who offered no objection.  After Hawkbat placed all four of his tracking devices, each on one of the tanks, the squad withdrew from the area.  Two of the tanks escaped an electronic monitoring device, but it was the best Chobrea could do.  He lost a substantial amount of his electronic “toys” when he detonated his ruck-sack on an enemy.  The squad had a second objective to complete now.
 Lord Lom dropped to his knees as the masked figures closed in on him, he felt them hovering over him now.  He was barely cognoscente of the unmasked man who was now stepping out of the elevator into the foyer.  Lom closed his eyes, noting that the muffled cries from his wife and daughter had now ceased.  He took a deep breath and raised his eyes, expecting to see the muzzle of a weapon pressed into his face.  Instead, he saw a gloved hand, reaching out to him.
“Come with me, Lord Lom,” spoke the robotic sounding voice.
A puzzled Lord Lom saw that his family was standing upright in the hallway of his apartment; guarded by the figures that he had assumed were there to kill them.  A familiar face emerged at the top of the stairs, the unmasked man from the elevator.
“Skip?” asked the shocked diplomat.
“Lord Lom, I apologize for all of this,” Skip replied cavalierly.
“What is the meaning of all of this?” demanded the perplexed royal advisor.
“My Lord, we have to get you and your family out of here, right now. But first, I suppose the least I can do is introduce myself,” the apparent faux doorman supplied.
“That would be a start,” Lom replied weakly.
“I am Drenan Novastriker, that’s Master Sergeant Drenan Novastriker of Corellian Security,” the undercover security officer revealed.
“Corellian Security? Is this in relation to the supplies? Sergeant, I assure you, I know nothing about those supplies,” Sillum Lom asserted.
“Its Master Sergeant and I know you didn’t my Lord, now you have to come with me right away, I will explain when we are safe.”
The armed security detail quickly ushered the Lom family downstairs and into a waiting speeder truck, and whisked them off into the night.  When Captain Sykes and company arrived 20 minutes later, the residents of the penthouse apartment were long gone.
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on June 14, 2011, 04:36:44 pm »
Village of Lianorm, Naboo

1851 Hours, Wednesday
A crowd had gathered at the Ryltans family establishment, most were hopeful that the whispers of a reopening were more than just rumor.  The Lianormites were desperately in need of some good news, after being abandoned by the Crown.  Only a few kilometers from here, on the shores of the picturesque Lake Varykino, the rich and influential wined and dined, oblivious to the desperate existence of their “countrymen”.  They were victims of bureaucracy unfortunately; the Royal Security Forces were reluctant to be involved in the region because of the Empire.  The Empire on the other hand, had often made it clear to the local law enforcement, we are not a police force, upholding local laws continues to be your job. 
What ensued in the case of Lianorm were clashes between the RSF and the Imperial troops.  The Imperials had their mission, and often warned the RSF to stay out of their way. Meanwhile, the RSF resented the troops on their “turf”, and eventually the only solution was for the local cops to withdraw.  But the word on the street was that Ryltans had Imperial connections, and the Empire had a vested interest in his leadership of the area.  The dangerous looking individuals that took down Merkrit and his sons were in fact Special Forces Operatives.  They had taken the former warlord into custody, despite a scared twi’lek that insisted ghosts took Poppy in the middle of the night.
Ferran Ryltans emerged from the bar to the cheers of the assembled crowd, with a rather large fellow wearing a stern expression just to his right.  Ryltans introduced him as Mr. Black, the new bartender.  Of course, the crowd instantly began to surmise who he really was, bodyguard, hired mercenary, Imperial Stormtrooper in disguise, or a combination thereof.  The Mayor/Tavern owner purposely offered no details on the subject, only highlighting his ability to make over a thousand different drinks from across the galaxy.  “Mr. Black” aka Kaece only grinned and waved.
Before the gin joint could be officially opened, the crowd’s attention was drawn westward, to six Kaadu and their riders trotting down the thoroughfare.   A half dozen armed men rode towards the awaiting Mayor, three of the beasts carried passengers one observant onlooker pointed out.  Lolana, Mai Lee, and Kieren Ryltans occupied the rear seat of three of the mounted creatures.  The riders all dismounted a few meters from the crowd; the Ryltans children raced to their father and engulfed him in an embrace.
“Now that I have my little ones with me once again,” Ferran began.
“And my not so little one,” he nodded in Lolana’s direction, who wore a sheepish grin, feigning embarrassment, “I declare the Ryltans Family Bar and Restaurant officially reopened.”
As patrons filtered past her, Lolana exchanged looks with Kaece, who took note of her usual coy, easy smile.   The armed men remained away from the crowd, fanned out in defensive positions, but with decidedly unthreatening posture.  They dressed in the same loose fitting brown and green outfits the locals wore, complete with the large straw sun hats.  Eventually the Operatives became part of the background; no one even noticed when they rode out of town. 
Theed, Naboo

1920 Hours, Wednesday
An exasperated twi’lek nobleman sat at his desk, head perched in his right hand as he attempted to get some much needed answers.  The Royal Transportation Authority was far less than helpful, his longtime personal friend, Commissioner Rylee, had failed to answer any of his calls.  Rylee’s staff repeatedly told Lord Lom that he had not come to the office that day.  After leaving several messages on his personal communicator, Sillum Lom wondered if perhaps Rylee was setting him up.
Several other calls also went out that day from the Lom household, to just about anyone that would have any knowledge of relief supplies going to that region.  Everyone he had reached claimed ignorance.  He was able to get some information out of the Minister of Trade’s chief of staff.  Frolio Tossa’s top aide seemed to remember an executive order from the Queen for supplies to support the RSF in the Lassay Region.  The aide was pretty sure that Tossa and Lom’s signatures had both appeared on the request.  The Trade Minister had been involved because the bulk of the material was coming directly from Corellia, and needed his special approval to bypass the Royal Customs Service.  The problem was this, Lord Lom had never sponsored such a request, and now Tossa’s aide could not locate the document.
“I’m sure I’ve just misplaced it,” she reported, “I can have Lord Tossa comm you when he returns from his day trip.”
Lord Lom suddenly felt very uneasy.  Supplies were coming directly from Corellia, bypassing Customs and headed for a distressed area known for insurgent activity.   Now, everyone he was attempting to contact for answers was unavailable or unable to help.  He ended the call with the Trade Minister’s office and contemplated his next call.  He momentarily considered an RTA inspector that he knew, but this looked to be more far reaching than simple Customs fraud.  Lom removed a small holo-card from his desk and eyed the name, Captain Gavyn Sykes, Royal Security Forces, Counter Smuggling Operations.  The middle aged twi’lek took a massive deep breath before punching the accompanying number into his communicator.
A few rooms away, an 18 year old twi’lek had a dilemma of her own.  Koyi was very attracted to the young Corellian soldier that had courted her; he had shown her what had been missing from her sheltered life.  Now she knew she was destined for greater things, greater than the privileged daughter of a noble.  She also knew she could never be a military wife, at least not until she had tasted some more of what the galaxy had to offer.  The uncertainty of the whereabouts or welfare of her mate would prove to be too much.  Not to mention the prospect of being tied down to a military installation while she awaited his return. The irony was not lost on the young lady; the one who opened her eyes was now the one that she could never be with.
For her young age, she was quite perceptive, and she felt that Theo had come to the same conclusion.  Despite her young soldier’s penchant for spoiling her in the bedroom, she knew his heart lie elsewhere.  Clues were all around them, and she was not so dense as to overlook them just to continue to have exceptional sex.  In the end, that type of relationship could only end badly.  For Koyi, the final piece of evidence was the late night comm call.  While she heard not a word of the conversation, the mannerisms her boyfriend displayed during and after it had taken place spoke volumes.  The right thing to do was for all of them, Theo, she, and even the attractive firefighter from a few floors below, to follow their hearts.
And I, never want to say good bye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful,
With the lips of an angel.
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on June 08, 2011, 06:34:02 pm »
Vixen adopted a casual gait as she strolled toward the stable. Despite appearances, she was far from casual, ever vigilant to an approaching threat.  She had a supernatural ability to monitor her surroundings; her senses seemed connected to her environment.  As she approached the stable, the Captain noticed that the stable boy was already scurrying around tending to the animals.
“Good morning,” she called out from a short distance, as not to startle the young man.
“Good morning ma’am,” the boy called back, looking up from his work.
“Where is everyone this morning?” she asked.
Immediately, Vixen noticed the stable was filled end to end with Kaadu and Falumpset.  There had only been a few animals when she had brought in her own on Monday evening.
“This isn’t much of a break of dawn kind of village, ma’am,” he sighed.
“Except for you,” Shellbee mused.
“Yep, ‘cept for me, and you too, I guess,” he chuckled.
“And me too,” she returned the laugh.
“I have more work than most today, anyways; all these beasts arrived a few hours ago.”
“Yeah, a guy who keeps a Falumpset in here came by last night and told me he needed the rest of the stable spots.  Good thing you had come in when you did, otherwise I’d have to turn you away.”
“No kidding, well good luck for me I suppose,” she replied casually, masking her intentions expertly.
“Yeah, it’s kind of strange that he brought in all of these creatures at such an early hour, considering this town mostly gets busy at night.”
“No kidding,” Shellbee replied as she tilted her head in interest.
“Yeah, it’s sort of been an after dark sort of town, especially lately. All the Gungans come and get their supplies right after supper and don’t stop until after midnight.”
Vixen had noticed a few Gungan carts being loaded on Monday evening; she finally realized the potential size of this supply line.
“That’s kind of strange, is it not?” the Intelligence Officer asked.
“I guess, they say it’s because it’s cooler at night, but I don’t buy it. I think it’s because they are bringing things out there that are illegal,” the boy offered.
“Wow, isn’t that something.  I guess that sort of thing is commonplace out here beyond the RSF’s reach.”
The young boy shrugged.
“I don’t pay attention; nobody gives me any trouble because my boss is pretty mean.”
“Is he some kind of gangster?” Vixen chuckled.
“Nah, he’s just known for busting people up who don’t pay or who try to give his business a hard time.”
“Well, then it’s a good thing that I paid in advance then,” she laughed.
The stable boy shook his head and laughed as well, moving his hair out of his eyes to get a better look at the friendly woman.  He grimaced as he wondered if he had said too much regarding the movements of the animals.  While his boss wasn’t involved in the smuggling, he always preached the protection of his customer’s privacy.  This woman came off as nothing but sweet, though he hadn’t forgotten how she handled the swoopers the day before yesterday.  He looked up at her once more, and looked into her blue-green eyes.
All at once, he decided she wasn’t a threat, and smiled at her.  She’s only a few years older than me, he realized.  The boy suddenly found himself smoothing his blonde hair into place with his hands.  That was when Vixen knew he would tell her anything she needed to know.
Theed, Naboo

0725 Hours, Wednesday
Lord Sillum Lom awoke early as usual, preferring the stillness of the morning to the meetings and dinner parties that filled his evenings.  He quietly peeked into his daughter’s room, sighing as he noted her bed had not been slept in.  While he wasn’t completely pleased with the reason for her absence, he reasoned there were worse things she could be doing.  The rough Corellian would certainly keep her safe.
The Minister of the Interior set himself behind his desktop data terminal, hoping to get a head start on his day by sorting through some of his holo mail.  He noted the usual business as he navigated through several of the items, replying to a few, outright deleting others.  He brought his face into a bewildered expression when he reached a particular piece of mail.
Lord Lom,

In regards to the relief supplies you have been sending to Lassay and its surrounding areas, I have noticed that you have failed to use the proper electronic signatures on the last shipment.  Being that you and I have a long history, and the new electronic signature encryption is quite new, I saw no reason to deny the passage of the cargo. I do ask that you follow the new procedures for the next shipment, in order to ensure that all movements of goods in the name of the Ministry of the Interior are secure.

Very Respectfully,

Baba Rylee
Royal Transportation Authority
Sillum Lom sat upright in his chair.
“I didn’t authorize any relief to Lassay,” he said aloud.
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on June 08, 2011, 03:30:10 pm »
Chapter 12
Well, my girl’s in the next room.
Sometimes I wish she was you.
I guess we never really moved on.
Field Base Baz Nitch, Naboo

0148 Hours, Wednesday

The Imperial field base was much quieter than usual.  Rumors about new intelligence and an increased threat level had passed through the platoon, prompting the professional soldiers to bed down early.  The only exception to the silence of the encampment was the commotion in Theodorik’s mind.  He now lay on his back, staring at the ceiling in his shelter, sharing his bed with a soundly sleeping purple twi’lek.  It was another female that was dominating his thoughts at the moment, however.
Almost on cue, his data device began to chirp.  The young Corellian scrambled to silence the offending item, quickly taking note of the familiar incoming call’s comm number.  He rose, looking over his shoulder at the sleeping Nabooian girl in his bed.  Koyi’s resting form offered no evidence of being disturbed, so Theo moved carefully into the other room.  He stared at the device for a full five seconds, contemplating his next move, before he finally answered.
“Hello,” he said hoarsely.
At first he was met with only the sound of soft breathing, leaving him wondering if Kammi had been sleeping and accidentally activated the call.  He parted his lips to speak, but suddenly heard his own name breathed into the phone.
“Theo,” the voice whispered.
“Kammi, what’s wrong?” her beau asked, detecting sadness in her voice.
“I just wanted to hear your voice,” she answered, her own voice cracking.
Despite the distressed tone in her articulation, he couldn’t help but smile.
“It’s good to hear your voice babe,” he said, then after a long pause he added, “I miss you.”
“I miss you too,” she sniffled.
 “I know I said I would leave you alone until you were ready but …” her voice trailed off.
“It’s okay Kammi, I’m glad you called.  I wanted to talk to you anyway, forgive me if I have to whisper though.”
“You have company?” she asked cautiously.
“Yes,” he replied bashfully, “I’m sorry baby girl, are you mad at me?”
“No, no … I’m just glad to be able to talk to you,” she replied sincerely.
“Well, I wanted to talk to you because things are about to get serious around here.”
She shivered at the statement.  Things aren’t serious right now, she wondered.  The young couple talked for over an hour, mostly reminiscing on their days in Tyrena.  Theo did not offer any details about why or how things were going to get more serious. One theme did come across loud and clear from the young man to his longtime friend; I wanted to tell you I love you one last time in case I get killed.  She screwed her eyes shut, fighting back a floodgate of tears at the thought.  Kamiko had to accept the facts as they were, his job was dangerous and it was going to become more so. 

Finally, reluctantly, Theodorik and Kamiko said their goodbyes and ended the call.  The young man peeked into the bedroom to find Koyi had hardly moved an inch.  He crept into the room and slipped back into the bed to try and get some sleep.   As he sought a comfortable position, he looked over the young girl in the bed next to him.  She was such a sweet girl; he hated to break her heart.  It seemed like there was no way to avoid it now, unfortunately, he thought as he drifted to sleep.

Village of Lassay, Naboo

0715 Hours, Wednesday
The first thing Vixen took note of was the usual signs of a community’s early morning ritual weren’t present.   Not a soul stirred as she glided through the streets in her black hooded cloak.  It was early, but it wasn’t that early, she thought.  She had prepared her room the day before, sweeping for listening devices and creating a few traps for anyone that thought of dropping in on her.  Now she was out surveying her surroundings.
Captain Shellbee “Vixen” Belle was one of the finest field agents in Imperial Intelligence.  Her mission here in Lassay was to trace the supply line, both its origin and its destination.  Her first report regarding the Gungans loading the supply wagons was already some valuable intelligence.  It would give the long range patrols a place to start their search.  The beginning of the supply route was s different matter. The vendors of the goods were probably unknowing participants in the chain.  It was likely there was someone here in Lassay that was responsible for bringing the supplies in, and organizing everything on the Gungan wagons.   Her first task was to find this individual.
The Intelligence Officer pursed her lips as she cast her eyes on the stable at the end of the street.   Any beasts of burden used to move supply carts needed to fed and quartered, she reasoned.
“Hmm, let’s start there,” she said aloud.
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Though since it is being editeded, I guess I can wait  :P
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For some reason I can't open up the Restless Hearts link from work... :-\

:( that sucks.

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For some reason I can't open up the Restless Hearts link from work... :-\
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