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General Discussion / Re: Comments on "Restless Hearts"
« Last post by Operative Ghost on February 23, 2011, 12:55:20 pm »
Wow, I love it.  It is good to recognize old faces :D
General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Theodorik on February 22, 2011, 08:15:09 pm »
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on February 22, 2011, 03:26:16 am »
Unknown Location Outside of Lianorm, Naboo

0229 Hours, Thursday

Outlaw turned his wrist over to confirm what his well trained body already told him, one minute until wake-up, and sixteen minutes until move-out.  His eyes scanned the darkness of his team’s NDP or night defensive position, where they had been hiding since 2300 the night before.  The other four operatives, Buzz, Milky, Doc, and Krayt, were already awake and silently erasing any trace they were there.
They were less than half a kilometer from the edge of the village, and not much farther to the objective, the tavern where Poppy was hiding out.  The Mon Calamarian warlord was under surveillance for the last 48 hours or so, courtesy of a pair of Imperial agents posing as travelers in the village.  At exactly 0230, a message to appeared on Outlaw’s information center from Agent “Diablo”, confirming the location of the target, including his the exact room and the number of guards around him.
The Lieutenant updated the HUD within each of his trooper’s helmets with the information.  All of the players in the operation were totally integrated, Outlaw’s team, the surveillance assets, the extraction team, even Major Kassel back at the CNC.  Everyone was able to communicate in real time, and Outlaw could see anything any of his men saw, just with some movement of his eyes.  Once his team had packed up the NDP, including retrieval of their anti personal mines, they cautiously awaited zero hour, which was 0245.
Staff Sergeant Cabod “Diablo” Nive stood in the shadows along the West wall of the now vacant village restaurant.  The last patron from the Town Tap, Poppy’s tavern, had left over an hour ago.  The blue skinned twi’lek spy calmly and patiently awaited the bartender to remove the evening trash, and then leave with the bar manager.  The manager glanced in all directions before finally locking the front doors.
Diablo changed the setting on his visor from light amplification to thermal imaging, and scanned the buildings surrounding him one by one.  He could detect only three heat signatures belonging to humanoids, and they were all in the supine position, meaning sleep or an attempt at it.  He then focused on the tavern, where Leerlani Merkrit aka “Poppy” was hiding out for the last two days.  The scan revealed the same as the last three, five armed guards, one female twi’lek, and Poppy.
Diablo hid his disgust for the twi’lek’s presence. He had found it difficult to accept how many females of his race made their living.  Nive allowed himself a smile, chuckling inwardly at the assumption the girl was being paid, maybe she was there because she found the fish faced warlord attractive? The twi’lek operative had to restrain himself from laughing out loud at the thought.  He put the twi’lek female to the back of his mind and focused on uploading his intel to Outlaw and company, they were less than 20 minutes until party time.
Team Vampire moved into town slowly, enjoying the relative darkness of the village streets.  It seems that someone had disabled the trio of artificial lights which illuminated this particular path into the settlement.  Outlaw gave the building layout one last look, and the location of Poppy and his makeshift security detail.    The Mon Cal occupied a room on the upper floor with a female guest, with one guard outside the door seated on a chair.   In a room across the hall, two more guards slept with weapons undoubtedly located close-by.  On the first floor, two more guards sat around a holo screen, indicating to Outlaw they were taking this assignment less than serious.
Diablo had set out to disable any security devices the previous evening, but none were in place.  Just to be safe, he had initiated a device that jammed security cameras and motion sensors.  Team Vampire crept quietly through the night until they were within a stone’s throw of the tavern.  Outlaw and his operatives carefully scanned the area with thermal sensors, no one inside the building had moved.  They couldn’t be professionals, the Lieutenant thought, how could they not be monitoring the exterior of the place?

Buzz and Milky skulked through a maze of trash cans and boxes to reach the rear window of the tavern.
“Security devices?” Milky asked in a whisper.
“None,” replied Outlaw immediately.
Buzz used a magnetic device to move the locking mechanism of the window, and then carefully slid it open.  Milky reached in and popped the pair of springs holding the window sash in the frame with a small pair of wire cutters.  The opening was now large enough for the two operatives to slip in, which they did silently.  Milky smoothly crossed the stock room floor to the wooden door which separated it from the main bar.  He snaked a small camera on a flexible rod under the door until the two men guarding the main floor came into view.  Milky thumbed a switch on the device allowing Outlaw to share the visual.
Two human males sat at a wooden table, carbine slung over the shoulder of one, a pistol in a holster of the other.  An old outdated comm device sat on the table in front of them, along with several empty soft drink bottles.  Outlaw whispered his next command.
“In. Go.”
Krayt copied the message and removed a small pistol from his bandolier.  He aimed the implement skyward and fired its pneumatic charge with a muffled whoosh.  A second later, a barely audible clink meant the tip of the device had punctured the skin of the roof.  A barely visible length of cord stretched from the tip down to Krayt, which he threaded deftly through a mechanism attached to his belt.  The trooper gave the line a tug, and after scanning the area slowly in all directions, placed both feet on the wall allowing the apparatus to carry his entire weight.
The Staff Sergeant methodically scaled the wall, being careful not to place his feet on anything that could make a sound or come loose.  When he reached the roofline, Krayt sliced the cord free of the anchor and gently stuffed it into a pocket on his bandolier.  He crept along the roof to a scuttle hatch, which he easily removed, as it lacked any locking mechanism.  The trooper inverted and swung his head into the opening, seeing nothing below; he paused to confirm the ladder was present and sturdy, and descended into the second floor utility closet. He whispered a single word into his comm.
Outlaw and Doc moved to flank the back door of the building; his team was now completely in place. Slice and her team were already in position just south of the village with a trio of Seraph class land speeders.  They would swoop in and grab the team and their prisoner and escape to a pair of Lartys waiting 2 kilometers west of the village. The conveyance’s was widely used by military units, as it boasted a quiet running engine and a speed so renowned it was nicknamed the “Flash Speeder”.
The 1st Sergeant had a team of six troopers manning the vehicles including herself, her usual squad plus an additional shooter from one of the other teams.  They were assembled in pairs, a driver and a gunner on each vessel.  The Lieutenant whispered into his headset.
“Clear,” replied Diablo.
“In?” he whispered next.
“Good,” answered Buzz.
“Go,” directed Outlaw.
 The wooden door creaked slightly as Buzz slid it open, eliciting a “Huh?” from one of the two men seated at the table.  Milky quickly fired two shots from a suppressed DC-19 Stealth Carbine into the two guards’ chests before they knew what hit them.  The only sound that could be heard was the wooden chair hitting the floor with a plunk.  The noise startled the remaining conscious member of the security team, and he rose from his chair to investigate.
“Guys?” he called out from the top of the stairs.
Before he could say another word or move another muscle, he was gasping for breath.  Krayt had snuck out of the closet and behind him, and used his dagger to open a massive gash in his neck. The man attempted to cry out for help, but only managed a muffled gurgling sound as Krayt allowed his body to slump to the floor.
“Up. Clear,” he whispered.
“Front clear,” whispered Diablo.
Milky stealthily made his way to the rear door, unlocking it for Outlaw and Doc to enter. Buzz meanwhile had slowly crept up the stairs to join Krayt.  The communications sergeant looked down at the corpse on the hallway floor and the expanding pool of blood beneath it.  He moved his eyes to his fellow operative and gave him a tight grin and a thumbs up.  Krayt offered a quick nod as a silent reply.  The two operatives then moved slowly to the doors of the two occupied rooms. 
Outlaw and company followed behind silently, Buzz and Milky took a position facing the door behind which was their intended target.  The rest of the group faced the door shielding the sleeping guards.  The squad leader glanced to the men flanking him and then sent his armored boot solidly into the door.  The startled security team was dead before they were fully awake, as several DC-19 bolts entered their bodies.
The Lieutenant turned and pointed to the opposite door.
“Break it down,” he said.
Buzz promptly smashed his boot into the door in similar fashion to that of his squad boss, so forcefully that it tore from its hinges.  Inside the room, the squad found a disrobed twi’lek cowering on the floor wrapped in a sheet, and Poppy on the bed in a pair of boxer shorts brandishing a pistol.
“We’re ready for our ride,” he spoke into his headset.
“W-What?” asked the Mon Calamarian.
“You,” Outlaw commanded as he took a step forward, “are coming with us.”
The warlord leveled the pistol at the armored figure before him and grimaced tightly.  The scout trooper officer was unfazed, stepping to the bed and a delivering a solid right hand to the thug's face in one motion.  Merkrit flung the pistol as he jerked back into the headboard.  A pair of armored figures raced in to bind his hands and feet and cover his head.  Outlaw ominously hovered over the terrified twi’lek.
“When anyone asks you what happened you tell them phantoms came in the middle of the night and took Merkrit,” his voice boomed as he jabbed a finger in her direction.
The trembling young twi'lek could only nod in agreement, and the operatives disappeared with her master.  Diablo had already faded into the night, and the caravan of Flash speeders was expected any second.
“Vampire, we have a problem,” reported Slice.
“What?” Outlaw asked as the operatives filed out into the street.
The 1st Sergeant didn’t have to answer, as the speeders coasted to the front of the tavern, the team leader counted only two of them, with six operatives crammed inside, leaving only two seats unoccupied.
“What the frack?” Outlaw cursed.
"One of them wouldn't start," Spider exclaimed.
“Okay, pile the hell on the thing, Poppy in the first speeder,” he ordered.
The first speeder was loaded with four operatives and their human baggage when the Lieutenant commanded them to leave.  He did not want to take a chance at leaving the Mon Cal behind.   Milky, Buzz, Krayt, Fixer, Spider, and Outlaw remained now for the second speeder, piloted by Hotshot.
“Get up on here,” Fixer said as he jumped out onto the ground.
Spider grabbed Buzz’s hand and helped him up onto the speeder; Milky and Krayt were also able to wedge themselves in.
“Fracks sakes, this isn’t going to work, ‘Law,” Fixer realized.
“I know,” his old friend agreed, “Hotshot, just frelling go.”
It took the Corporal a second to realize what he was being ordered to do, but as a Special Forces operative, he knew that sometimes you were forced to do the unusual.  The speeder lurched forward and began to pick up speed as it jetted westward.
“We’ve gotta run, buddy,” the platoon leader announced.
Fixer didn’t answer him, instead turning west and erupting into a full on sprint, Outlaw doing the same a split second later.  In the distance, the larty’s were warming up, and the platoon of Imperial troopers guarding them was fanned out into a security perimeter.  Within two minutes, both Flash speeders had arrived and were being unloaded.
“Outlaw, where are you and Fixer?” asked Slice.
The Lieutenant breathlessly answered that they were almost there, but at the three minute mark, they were still a full kilometer away.  The troopers began to collapse their perimeter, and as soon as the first transport was fully loaded, Slice signaled for it to take off.  She held the second transport for three more agonizing minutes, fearing the gunship made a far too appealing target for a random pirate with a rocket.
“There they are!” someone shouted finally.
Fixer and Outlaw heaved themselves onto the drop ship moments before it rocketed off toward the base camp.  Milky clapped his Lieutenant on his shoulder.
“Hey ‘Law, Poppy over here says we just killed a coupla hundred credits worth of hired thugs,” he joked.
The scout trooper officer shrugged, and then he shouted to make sure Poppy heard him over the roar of the aircraft’s engine.
“Its war Milky, it’s a bloody business, guess it’s expensive sometimes too.”
In his mind, Outlaw pondered the other side of it for a moment. Hired mercenaries, just making credits the only way they knew how, and they had been cut down without remorse.  Well, you live by the sword, you die by the sword, Outlaw reasoned.  Anyone who stood between him and an objective was an enemy.
What I’ve done, I’ll face myself.
To cross out what I’ve become,
Erase myself.
And let go of what I’ve done.
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on February 21, 2011, 05:38:31 pm »
Field Base Baz Nitch, Naboo

1431 Hours, Tuesday
“Dammit Milky! Why didn’t you wake me up?” Theodorik roared.
“’Law, your comm message said-“
“That’s need to know information, her father is the deposed mayor? Come on Milk, that’s wake-your-lieutenant-up kind of information!”
Theodorik paced in front of his shelter, rubbing the stubble on his face.
“We’ve been holding the deposed Mayor’s three children here for three days,” the Lieutenant realized.
“Yeah, I figured that out this morning at breakfast, well, actually Lo did,” Milky supplied.
“We can’t bring them back, there is no way. Not until we put this Ryltans guy back in charge,” Outlaw steamrolled through Milky’s words.
Outlaw dropped his hands to his hips and exhaled through his mouth loudly.
“I’ve gotta run this by Major Kassel, but we have to get word to your Dad that you’re safe with us,” he continued, pointing to Lolana, who was clung tightly to Corporal Berran’s side.
Outlaw had spent the morning planning the operation for snatching Leerlalli “Poppy” Merkrit and questioning him.  An Agent from Imperial Intelligence arrived tomorrow to question their other guest; they would happily interrogate Merkrit as well.  Major Kassel has mentioned infiltrating the village, Outlaw wondered if that was a viable way to get a message across to Ryltans about his children.  The group turned as a trooper approached them, it was Buzz Candro, and he had news.
“Inbound Lambda with some of your friends, Outlaw,” he reported stoically.
“Friends?” Outlaw questioned.
“Some more shooters from your unit are coming in,” Buzz answered, “ETA 3 minutes.”
Outlaw rushed out to the landing pad, the hum of the shuttle already audible in the distance.  As the shuttle grew closer, and eventually flared out to its landing, the Lieutenant couldn’t help but wonder who his brother, Major Aliksander Sturmwolke, had sent on this mission.  The shuttle’s landing gear settled into the dirt and its engine slowly wound down.  Outlaw positioned himself at the base of the ramp as it lowered itself from the craft.  A figure stood waiting in the shadows of the shuttle’s entrance.
“Lieutenant Sturmwolke,” the figure called out.
Outlaw recognized the voice immediately.
Sergeant Kah “Fixer” Freedark emerged from the shuttle and strode down the ramp, stopping abruptly a few paces in front of him to offer a tight salute.  He was followed closely by Sergeant Gart “Spider” Beza and Sergeant Visk “Hawkbat” Chobrea, who wore similar grins as they too halted and saluted.
“Sergeant Freedark reporting as ordered, sir,” Kah said with a wide grin.
Outlaw instinctively returned the salute and then extended his hand to his old friend.
“Kah, don’t salute me, we’re friends, man,” Outlaw laughed.
“I know brother, just trying to be official,” he laughed, grabbing his long time friend’s hand.
Outlaw looked over his shoulder at the pair of troopers descending the ramp behind him.
“You remember Spider and Hawkbat,” Fixer said as he turned to his teammates.
“Of course,” Outlaw nodded, shaking their hands, “Gents, welcome.”
The group diverted their attention as the remaining two members of the team began to descend the ramp.  Corporal Alairon “Hotshot” Firestone and 1st Sergeant Allison “Slice” Ravenheart stepped out into the daylight and acknowledged their colleagues.
“Hey ‘Law, good to see you again,” Slice said smugly.
“Hey Allie, what’s good?” Outlaw asked raising his eyebrow flirtatiously.

Allison Ravenheart was no woman to trifle with, 5’10”, solidly built, and a twelve year veteran of the Stormtrooper Corps.  She looked far younger than her 34 years; brownish-black hair cropped short, steel grey eyes still glowing with the life of a younger woman.  For what it was worth, no one had ever known Slice to have a romantic thought towards anyone, especially the men of her unit.  Anyone that had tried had gotten the coldest of shoulders.  As usual, she dismissed Outlaw’s playful question with a sigh.
“Let’s get these boys to the CNC so we can get the details of this snatch and grab,” she huffed, purposely not saluting Outlaw.
The troopers followed Outlaw as he led the way toward the Command and Control shelter for the mission briefing.  He welcomed the addition of the team from the 220th; it added another level of experience to the mission.  Krienz had done a masterful job of selecting quality troopers for Task Force Grim Reaper, but Outlaw’s next plan called for more subtlety.  They were going to sneak into the village in the middle of the night and kidnap the Mon Calamarian.  Major Kassel had been impressed with the plan, and agreed that a team from the 220th was the right way to pull the mission off.
The rest of the afternoon was spent acquainting the team with the mission’s details, with the camp, and with the other teams.  Their operation was to take place tomorrow night, well after dark, the details of which were closely guarded.  Two Low Altitude Assault Transport – Infantry (LAAT/I) gunships, otherwise known as the infamous “Larty”, were arriving on Naboo in the morning.  Despite the presence of several Larty’s on Naboo, these were specially modified and outfitted for Special Operations use, and flown by the pilots of the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.  The 160th’s 3rd Battalion was stationed on Lok with the 220th, and had trained and worked with the recon troopers extensively.
The next night’s mission would not require the elite aviators, but Outlaw again felt more comfortable bringing in battle tested pilots and crew.  The aviators, crew, and mechanics were holed up at the Emperor’s Mountain Retreat, already heavily guarded.  They would fly in for their missions and then recoil to the retreat afterwards, to keep the highly advanced aircraft out of the sight of prying eyes.
There was also a matter of Lolana and her siblings, the deposed Mayor’s children.  Major Kassel took the information as good news when she’d heard.  The blonde intelligence officer mentioned there were already two assets from the 220th moving in to infiltrate the town. The Lieutenant suggested that one of them would pass a message along about the trio they were harboring in the camp, an idea the Major supported.
Outlaw was calmly walking back to his shelter after the mission briefing had ended when his wandering mind settled on a certain twi’lek.
“Frack!” he exclaimed suddenly.
He had completely forgotten he had arranged a date with Koyi tonight.
“Well, Theodorik, it’s time to go make yourself presentable,” he said aloud, as he hurried to close the distance to his shelter.
A night out with a pretty young girl was just the type of distraction that he needed right now.
Varykino, the Royal Lake Retreat, Naboo

1800 Hours, Tuesday
Pressed for time, Theo arrived at the exact minute he and his lovely lady had agreed to meet.  Koyi was already there, gazing absentmindedly over the water.  The late day sun was scattering tiny specks of golden light across the lake, twinkling like fireflies in a meadow.  She asked to meet him here after he mentioned they needed to get together earlier this evening.  Koyi regarded this as one of the most perfect places to watch the sunset on Naboo, and up until now, she hadn’t offered to share it with anyone.  The twi’lek was unsure of her future with the scout trooper, but she did know he already had a special place in her heart.
“You’re right on time, my dear,” she said with her usual sprightlysmile.
“Which means I’m late,” Theo chuckled.
The couple had grown incredibly comfortable with one another, and this was only their second actual date.  The thought brought a smile to Theo’s lips, second date, and same place as the first one.  Not that he had much of a choice; the encampment was nestled in a quiet little valley, with not much in the way of entertainment other than the retreat.   Tonight, there would be no drinking on Theo’s part; he had to stay sharp for the mission tomorrow night.
Koyi was content to spend time with her man, just enjoying the serenity of the lake with him.  The time they spent together was an opportunity for both of them to get away from their complex life.  The scout trooper was able to leave behind the chaos of the war while he was in her company. And while his growing feelings for Koyi complicated things with Kamiko, while he was with the twi’lek, it was far from his mind.
The young lady reveled in her chance to escape her aristocratic surroundings back home, to see and appreciate real beauty.  She was able to finally realize what the saying - “the best things in life are free” - meant.  Her parents couldn’t grasp the concept, or maybe they simply wouldn’t.   It was an image she was desperately trying to escape from, the spoiled little rich girl who didn’t appreciate anything she had.   She could smile in the thought that Theo didn’t look at her that way, at least not since their first date.  Koyi was he own toughest critic, but with the handsome rogue, she could completely relax.  There was one thing on her mind at the moment however.
“Theo, I have a request,” she said coyly.
“Anything my dear,” he replied casually.
“Come and meet my parents this weekend,” she suggested.
Theodorik froze for a moment, pondering the outcome of a meeting with the girl’s father.
“What? I mean, why?” he stammered out finally.
“They wanted to meet you, since I’ve been spending so much time with you.”
“What have you told them about us?” Theodorik gulped.
“Oh Theo, stop,” she laughed, “I haven’t told them we’ve been, you know, active.”
“But I really want you to meet them,” she continued, “I tried to keep us a secret, but my mother noticed that I’ve been fluttering around the penthouse since we first met.”
“It would be really important to me, Theo,” she begged, suddenly worried by his silence.
Theo did his best to hide his apprehension. Maybe this could be a good thing, he finally convinced himself.  After a long pause, the warrior stooped down and pressed his forehead against the lovely young twi’lek.
“If it’s important to you, than its important to me too,” he said confidently, “should be easy.”
“My parents will love you,” she giggled.
“I’m sure they will,” he lied, realizing he would rather face an army of Rebels.
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on February 18, 2011, 06:10:58 pm »
Chapter 7

In this farewell, there’s no blood, there’s no alibi.
‘Cause I’ve drawn regret, from the truth of a thousand lies.
So let mercy come, and wash away …
What I’ve done.

Alliance Underground Headquarters

Lasay Swamps, Naboo

1320 hours, Tuesday
Major Lenard Monch sat in the dim light of the underground cavern, alone with his thoughts.  He detested living below the earth like an animal, but it was the only place his base of operations could be safe from the Empire.  The Alliance to Restore the Republic was the official name of their movement, not so much a grand army as a collection of several smaller armies.  The enemy was the establishment, the Galactic Empire, the oppressors of peace and freedom.  He would live below ground if it gave him the opportunity to inflict harm on the Empire’s troops.
“Monchi” as his friends called him, didn’t have the same typical overused excuse for wanting to fight the Empire.  His parents weren’t killed by Stormtroopers in his native land, he wasn’t raised a poor orphan, in a state of poverty created by the oppressive Imperial war machine.  In fact, Major Monch was just the recalcitrant youngest son of a successful Tralusian businessman.  He joined the rebellion because he didn’t know what else to do with himself, and who better to hate than the big bad Empire?
 He was leading a battalion sized element, nearly 600 infantry troops, responsible for creating a foothold on Naboo and rallying support for the Alliance with the locals.  His primary ally was the Gungans, the aquatic sentient people of the swamps of Naboo.  Together, they had led several raids against Imperial targets, with some impressive results.  The Major’s current worry was a rumor coming from the Village of Lianorm.  It seems a group of well trained mercenaries went head to head with one of the local warlords and inflicted quite a bit of damage.
“Sir,” Monch was jolted from his thoughts by his XO, “We have confirmed the prior intelligence reports.”
“Regarding?” asked Monch.
“The Imperial Artillery fan is fully operational, despite our support of the local bandits; they haven’t been able to disrupt the enemy activity.”
Monch hated the way military people spoke; they used terms like ‘enemy activity’ and ‘fully operational’.  The Major had risen to his current rank because of his money and political influence, not because he was a particularly good strategist.  His Executive Officer, Captain Dale Kreiger, was a former member of CorSec’s counter terrorism unit, and did most of the military planning and intelligence analysis.  His loyalty to the Alliance was the only thing that kept him from killing his Commanding Officer in his sleep.
The two officers disagreed on the strategy for the region. Captain Kreiger suggested greater infiltration of the villages and advocated hit and run attacks on the Imperial troops.  Major Monch insisted the weapons facility be their next target.  The XO knew why of course, the destruction of such a high profile target would most likely earn the Major a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, and he could leave this forsaken mud puddle.
“Does this jeopardize the villages as supply points?” Monch asked, touching on his only real area of expertise, logistics.
“Not yet, but if the Stormies were ever able to find this bunker, those artillery pieces would bring us a lot of problems.”
The Commanding Officer dismissed that notion.
“We’re a hundred feet underground Dale.”
“Lenard, for fracks sake, an SPMA can punch a hole in the ground twice that distance,” the Captain pleaded.
“Then we will just have to make sure they don’t find us,” the Major answered confidently.
Captain Kreiger did take small comfort in knowing the Empire’s usual tactics regarding insurgency in an area.  He made sure that they paid the price for it after the first raid on the weapons facility.  They did not do well fighting what they couldn’t see, and Kreiger’s people were ghosts.  As far as the Captain knew, there wasn’t an Imperial unit out there that could bring the fight into the wilderness.  His thoughts turned back to Lianorm.
“What about the bandits? We are scheduled to deliver some more rockets to them this evening.”
“No, cancel them.  We need that firepower for our next raid.  I’m afraid supporting those thugs didn’t work out for us, cut any ties we had to them,” the Major answered coldly.
Captain Kreiger shut his eyes tight, momentarily considering slapping his CO across his face.  He had made the deal with the pirates himself, he promised them full control of the Villages of Lianorm and Lassay and the firepower needed to do so.  In exchange, the bandits would make life very difficult for RSF and the Imperial troops.  Tonight, he was bringing rockets and grenades to them for an attempted assault on an artillery position.  He was also hoping for some news on these mercenaries operating in the area.
“You might be putting people lives in jeopardy with a move like that, Major,” Kreiger said finally.
“Honestly, I’m okay with it.  Those people are not my concern right now, hell, Dale, they’re criminals!” Monch finished by pounding his desk with his fist.
Major Monch had made his position on the matter very clear, his career was more important than the actual mission.  Captain Kreiger had no idea what he was going to do about his CO at the moment, but he knew he couldn’t let this go.  He would confer with a few of the other officers that also thought the Major was an idiot and maybe come up with a plan.  The XO was hoping that the entire situation wouldn’t end up in a military tribunal, or worse, his execution.
General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Onyxs on February 15, 2011, 09:20:09 pm »
We've been goofing around at work bringing in old school tunes, since most of my shift is between 30 and 38 years old. Been listening all day to Rob Base, RUN DMC, Digital Underground, Young MC, Vanilla Ice, Etc. How any of us were able to land any women back then is beyond me.

General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Theodorik on February 15, 2011, 08:32:25 pm »
We've been goofing around at work bringing in old school tunes, since most of my shift is between 30 and 38 years old. Been listening all day to Rob Base, RUN DMC, Digital Underground, Young MC, Vanilla Ice, Etc. How any of us were able to land any women back then is beyond me.
General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Operative Ghost on February 15, 2011, 11:01:42 am »
Been listening to Dragonforce, Ensiferum, Galneryus, Ramstein, and Kinship on my MP3 player during work.

...I know, I am random... in both my languages and genres >.<
General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Oraseum on February 14, 2011, 07:29:15 pm »
I'm listening to System of a down, cell dweller, dethlok, flyleaf, Hadouken!, KMFDM, and alot of soundtracks from games.
General Discussion / Re: Comments on "Restless Hearts"
« Last post by Karana Talynsun on February 08, 2011, 12:24:32 pm »
Good stuff! I like to write myself and after reading your stuff, it makes me realize I still have a long way to go in the quality dept.   Keep posting!
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