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General Discussion / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by Krayt on January 26, 2011, 10:07:40 pm »
Nightmare- A7X
Arms of Sorrow- Killswitch Engage
Stories / Re: Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on January 25, 2011, 09:12:51 pm »
Chapter 5

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?
Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need.

Field Base Baz Nitch, Naboo

1043 Hours, Saturday

The sound started out as a far off droning, barely noticable, but slowly it got louder.  Outlaw screwed his eyes shut, pillow over his head, trying to block the unwelcome audio.   The scout trooper’s mind could hardly analyze the incoming stimuli, as he stirred in his bed slightly. It kind of sounded like an Imperial Lambda Shuttle, not entirely unusual; but this one sounded close.  Outlaw yawned and stretched. He was still mentally debating getting up, when he realized the droning had turned into a roar, and the Lambda sounded as if it would come down right onto his shelter.

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Frackin Duuuuuuude,” shouted Outlaw, springing from his bed.

The Lieutenant poked his head out of the shelter with squinted eyes.   Dust and debris was flying around the camp, and sure enough, the massive form of a Lambda Shuttle was flaring out in the grass behind the field base.  Outlaw ducked into his shelter and jumped into a pair of utility pants.  He stepped into a pair of worn looking leather boots, and grabbed a t-shirt, his face still twisted in a grimace as he exited the shelter.  He spotted Doctor Z jogging up to him.

“What’s going on Doc?” Outlaw asked his medical sergeant.

“It’s an Imperial Major, she is coming in to brief you on some activity in the area, just called the Command Post about 2 minutes ago.  I was on my way to tell you, but I guess the shuttle took care of that.”

Outlaw was still groggy from last night’s festivities; he played back Doc’s statement in his mind.

“Wait … a she?”

“Yes sir, Major Kassel from Imperial Intelligence.”

“For the love of … why now?” he complained.

Sergeant Zach only shrugged, and began to trot toward the landing site.  Outlaw awkwardly threw on his t-shirt and followed close behind.  When the shuttle came into view, the men could see that the access ramp was already lowered to the ground, and a pair of dangerous looking guards was descending it. They were clad completely in black, long trench coat, pants, shirt, and military style boots. A white Imperial Symbol adorned the left breast of the coat, the only piece of contrast in the outfit. Their faces and heads were uncovered, but each wore a serious expression.  It was no doubt these men were handpicked from some Special Forces unit to serve on this detail.

“Gentlemen,” Outlaw greeted them as he approached.

“First Lieutenant Theodorik Sturmwolke, the Major is here to see me I presume.”

“Outlaw Sturmwolke,” stated one of the guards, Theodorik offered a nod in reply.

“You are two hundred twentieth?” the guard continued.


“I heard about your Op on Tatooine, strong frelling work Lieutenant.”

The two men saluted him; he quickly returned it.  That was when a shorter figure emerged from the shuttle, and Outlaw immediately recognized the woman, Major Melyssa Kassel.  She was also clad in black, black leather boots, tight black slacks, and black leather jacket. Beneath her jacket was a rather revealing top, out of character for an ordinary Imperial Officer.  The men at this camp were going to learn that Jezebel was anything but ordinary. Her soft blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair starkly contrasted her attire.  A pair of leather gloves completed her outfit, which she ran through her parted hair, neatly tucking one side behind her ear.

Major Kassel didn’t look particularly dangerous, standing 5’7’’ and weighing a less than foreboding 138lbs.  Her expertise was in the intelligence field, collecting and analyzing information.  Her mind was sharp, and her ability to predict the enemy had earned her several accolades.  She was a legendary interrogator and manipulator, and had created a fiercely loyal squad of agents, identities of which was closely guarded secrets.  It was her network of spies and operatives that made her really powerful.  It would explain why one of her guards had heard about Operation Sandcastle, a file that offered very little information to anyone without Most Secret clearance.

“Good Morning Lieutenant,” greeted the Major.

“Good Morning Major,” Outlaw replied, not saluting her as per her request the last time they met.

“Let’s go somewhere we can talk, 'Law.”

Outlaw led her to the command and control center or CNC, a shelter slightly larger than an officer’s individual shelter. It was divided into two rooms; the first was the watch desk, where a comm operator sat 24 hours a day.  The second half was a secure conference room, not much bigger than the table and six chairs that occupied it.  The room was unused until Outlaw and Melyssa clicked the door behind them and activated the anti-listening device.

“Theo, it’s good to see you. You look like hell though I must admit.”

The haggard look and the headache were well earned, and well worth it, he didn’t say.

“Yeah, sorry, Jez … rough night, you know how I get down ..” he let his voice trail off.

“Yes, Theo, I know how you get down.”

The scout trooper thought she might be angry, but then he saw a wry smile form on the Major’s lips.

“I must apologize my dear, I have some news, you decide if it’s good or bad.”

Theodorik nodded.

“We haven’t lost any people because of it yet, but Field Base Duxun has been taking sporadic rocket attacks the last few nights.  Last night, an attempted resupply of the artillery platoon was aborted because it was taking small arms fire.  The shooting in all cases has been terribly inaccurate, but …”

“But it’s making life difficult for the artie guys, and one of these days, whoever is firing is going to get lucky,” Outlaw finished.


“Okay, where do you need me to go?” he asked.

“Duxun is on a plateau overlooking the Village of Lianorm, only 2 kilometers from it.  The nature of the attacks is making me think its local insurgents and not organized soldiers. Could even be criminals or pirates who would rather not have a big Imperial presence out here. At any rate, start there, see if anyone knows anything, try and offer them something in return for information, the usual.”

“And since I don’t want anyone to dummy up when we start asking questions, we take a small team and nothing outwardly saying we are Stormtroopers, correct?”

“Take two squads. We will have air ships ready for extraction, and some gunships for support should things really start to loosen up down there.  And if it all goes to hell, Duxun has four SPMA’s ready to make it rain fire and brimstone.”

“A legitimate Combat Rescue Team? Or is it Royal Fire Rescue?”

“They are Lartys with Imperial Army Troopers, so don’t worry, your girlfriend will not be in harm’s way.”

Outlaw bristled at the comment, partly at the thought or Kammi landing in a hot LZ, and partly because Jezebel had done her homework on him.  He ignored both thoughts for the time being.

“I know it’s going to take some time, but I want some of my people from the 220th out here, I want 160th pilots too, but I want our people for combat rescue.”

“You go out into this village tomorrow evening, so you aren’t getting them for this Op. I will ask command if we can have their support, for more than just CR.  They are involved in a few … things … right now already, however.”

Jezebel ran through the available intelligence on the Village, who the major players were, who the leaders were, and who enforced the law.  She provided Outlaw with three dimensional maps of the village, and they reviewed the overall objectives.  The Major made it very clear that while there was overwhelming fire power available to them, it was recommended they use it as a last possible resort.  Any breach in trust with the villagers who were on the fence about Imperial occupation would surely defect to the Rebel cause should they be subjected to Imperial violence.

When the briefing was over, Outlaw retired to his shelter.  Almost two hours had passed, and he was still drained from the night before.  Entering his shelter, he sighed and said aloud,

“I need to go back to sleep.”

“Well, you can come back to bed, but I have plans for you other than sleep,” a familiar voice whispered from under the covers.

Koyi poked her head out from under a blanket and gave Theo a come-hither smile.  He responded with his own relaxed smile.

“Come over here lover boy, I’m hungry for some more of you.”

Theodorik shrugged and playfully launched himself into the pile of blankets.  He had an Operation tomorrow, but today, he had a gorgeous twi'lek in his bed.
Stories / Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on January 23, 2011, 01:21:00 am »
Koyi was clinging to the arm of her man, as he led her along the stone walkway surrounding the peaceful waters of the lake.  The largest of Naboo’s three moons, Ohma-D’un, had taken its place in the sky. It was also brighter than Rori, reflecting light from Naboo the star, and illuminating the night sky on Naboo the planet.  For a moment, the girl thought that maybe she was being led to a romantic spot for a kiss, but she thought better of it.  As much fun as she was having, she doubted such a bad boy like Theodorik could be much of a romantic.  The twi’lek didn’t have a problem making the first move, not int his case.

Theodorik led his young date to the end of the stone walkway, and then down a set of stone steps to the grass below.  Koyi gave him an inquisitive look, noticing they were leaving the grounds of the villa.  He merely shot her a grin, raising both eyebrows over his glowing eyes.  The couple walked a few feet into the grass until they came upon a stone path which wound its way into the darkness.

“Stay close to me,” he whispered.

Koyi gladly obliged, wrapping both of her arms around the scout troopers left arm, and pressing the side of her face into his shoulder.  She deeply inhaled, failing miserably to take in his scent subtly.  Either the man didn’t notice, or didn’t mind.  He was fidgeting with something around his neck, something that had been tucked beneath his t-shirt.  He produced a thin strand of cord with a flat round object at the end of it, barely an inch wide.

“What is that?” she asked.

“My flashlight,” he grinned, pressing his thumb and forefinger together on the disc-like object.

It suddenly lit up in a yellow/green glow, illuminating the path in front of them.  The twi’lek simply shook her head and grinned.  After a few minutes of walking, Koyi noticed they were on the opposite side of the lake from the villa.

“We’re here babe,” Theodorik announced.

She had no doubt the walk took longer than it should have, partly because of her clunky shoes, and partly because she was clinging to him so tightly. It was apparent the two of them enjoyed the closeness, however.

“Where is here?” Koyi said, straining her eyes.

The path narrowed before them, snaking through a small hole in a waist high stone wall.  Theodorik led her to the gap in the obstacle, and then gestured to a collection of small buildings on the other side.

“The staff’s quarters,” he proclaimed proudly, “They’ve got a great bar out here.”

“I’m going to trust you Theo; you haven’t let me down all night.”

“We need to modify your outfit for this place though,” he opined.

“Think you can dance in those shoes?”

“Of course, I’m a twi’lek after all. The dress being this long will be a problem though.”

“Is it expensive?” he asked.

Koyi hiked up her hemline with both hands and tore her dress up the side, exposing her right leg nearly to her hip.  Theo looked on dumbfounded as she then tore the opposing side of the dress in the same manner, leaving two enormous slits up the length of the material.

“Now we can dance,” she said happily.

This time it was Theodorik that was impressed.

“Well then, let’s show these people how to party.” 

Within only a few minutes of walking in the door, Theo and his lovely twi’lek guest were laughing, joking, and drinking with the locals.  Koyi surmised he had been here a time or two before; or perhaps not, considering the performance in the restaurant.  It only took a few drinks to bring the pair out onto the dance floor, bumping and grinding to the boom-thump-boom-boom-thump of the music.

“It takes two to make a thing go right.
It takes two to make it outta sight.”

Theo was right, Koyi thought, the bar was great. The bartender was humorous and the company was spirited.   The only negative side was that everyone in the room seemed to want her date’s attention, he was being dragged off of the dance floor to do a shot every few minutes. Finally, the sultry twi'lek was thoroughly annoyed, and sneakily tagged along behind him on his next trip to the bar with the ‘fellas”.  She tapped him on the shoulder as some glasses were being lined up in front of him and some other men.

“What are you drinking, sweetie?”

Theodorik was startled by the seductive young miss.

“Powerful stuff babe, don’t know if ya want any of this noise,” he said, his days on the city streets seeping into his accent.

“Try me.”

“Okay, set up one for her too J.D.,” he said gesturing to the bartender, who slapped the bar and pointed at Theo.

“You got it boss!” he shouted.

“It’s called a Core Bomb, it’s a shot of Reactor Core dropped into a glass of beer, in this case, it’s Corellian Ale,” he explained.

She grimaced slightly, but realized she was in too deep to back out now.

“Okay, so what do you do?”

“You just drop the shot glass into the beer, and chug it, all at once.”

“Okay,” she answered, regretting her decision to follow him to the bar.

“It’s not bad, and here is the fun part,” he said turning away from her to the crowd.

“Hey, this fine ass lady is going to do a Core Bomb with me!”

A dozen or so people shouted “CORE BOMB!!!”

Koyi noticed there were now six glasses on the bar, one in front of each of five men, and one in front of her.  She tried to gulp down the lump developing in her throat.  Each of them picked up their shot glass, and plunked it into the beer, and began chugging its contents.  After a few seconds, Koyi mimicked the group, awkwardly plunking the shot into her own glass light brown liquid and chugging the concoction.   Cheers rose from the mob as they watched Koyi set her empty glass down on the bar.

“Looks like it’s your turn to ‘wow’ me,” Theo grinned.

“Let’s get out of here, and I’ll give you something to ‘wow’ over.”

Koyi held her hand out to her date, who was wearing a wide eyed grin.  Without hesitation, Theodorik plunked down a credit chip in front of the bartender, rose and took her hand. The couple weaved through the crowd, bidding everyone farewell as they did.  They were getting gleaming looks from everyone, pleased that such a nice couple was likely about to “enjoy each other’s company”.

As they broke into the cooler night air, Koyi realized she was feeling the alcohol. She wasn’t cross-eyed drunk, but she was a little beyond tipsy.  For his part, Theodorik was also in possession of his senses, but he was happy he didn’t have to drive to the base.  Buzz and Hammer were driving out to get him in a repulsor vehicle at 0200, which gave them a little bit more than an hour together.

The couple began to walk hand in hand down the stone path, pausing at the wall so Koyi could remove her shoes.  She stumbled slightly, possibly from the effects of the alcohol, but Theo held her steady.

“Thank you,” she whispered breathlessly, clutching her shoes in her left hand.

The scout trooper looked down at the suddenly much shorter twi’lek and pulled her tightly to him, pressing his lips onto hers.  Koyi didn’t resist, instead closing her eyes and throwing her arms around his neck, casting her footwear to the ground.  Theo bent slightly at the knees, and reached his hands under the curvy twi’leks supple posterior, lifting her into the seated position on the wall.  The two lovers leaned into one another, pressing their chests together as they explored each other’s lips.

Koyi was pleasantly surprised with the gentle touch of his fingertips on her bare shoulders.  His hands were rough and calloused, but they felt feather-light as they danced on her skin.  She gripped the back of his neck tightly, her breathing growing increasingly rapid as his hands lightly caressed her curves.  He broke their kiss, exhaling sharply to catch his breath.  Koyi opened her soft blue eyes and looked into his.  She realized they were in relative darkness, with only a few lamp posts behind her mate to offer any illumination.

“I wish I could see you a little better,” she breathed, as he moved his lips a hairs breadth from hers.

“Guess you’ll have to feel me then.”

Koyi responded by wrapping her legs around the soldiers waist, pulling him tighter to her, meeting his lips with her own.  She wasn’t sure what she was feeling when she kissed this man, but she had to have more of him.  Her hands wandered up under his shirt to his back, and as they kissed, she began trailing her fingernails down the length of it.  After what seemed like only a few minutes, Theo stopped her.

“Koyi, my ride is coming for me in about fifteen minutes, and they are picking me up where they dropped me off.”

She replied without hesitation, “call them and tell them to get you here, they can drop me off back at the retreat.”

“Ah, great idea,” he supplied, reaching into his pants pocket for his comm device.

It was a difficult call to make, trying to explain the situation to Buzz, while trying to ignore a sensual young twi’lek nibbling on his neck.  Fortunately, both Buzz and Hammer knew the bar, having been there a few times already for some liquid therapy of their own.  Ending the call, he gazed at the girl in his arms.

“Okay, that just bought us about fifteen minutes.”

“Where were we?” she asked flashing him a provocative grin.

“Right here,” he replied as he lowered his face to hers.

I might have a reckless streak at least a country-mile wide.
If you're gonna run with me, it's gonna be a wild ride.
When it comes to loving you, I've got velvet hands.
Let me show you how a real bad boy, can be a real good man.
General Discussion / Comments on "Restless Hearts"
« Last post by Operative Ghost on January 22, 2011, 02:36:00 am »
It is defiantly a good read, I love it. I had copied and pasted most of it when reading it on the test site and emailed it to myself on the ship's email.  I may be able to visit this site here like the next day or something.
Stories / Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on January 21, 2011, 10:36:00 pm »
Varykino, the Royal Lake Retreat, Naboo

1944 Hours, Friday

Koyi Lom strolled slowly across the grounds of the retreat, taking in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.  The villa had been property of the Naberrie family for generations, its current status as a Royal resort was established upon Queen Amidala’s appointment to the Senate.  The palatial estate held many memories for her, however she felt it should belong to the people, and turned it over to the Crown.  It is unclear whether she meant for it to be used exclusively by nobles and royalty, but that was its current status, nearly 20 years after Senator Amidala had passed.  Advisor Lom, the Minister of the Interior for the Queen, had arranged for his daughter and her date to be received at the villa. 

The purple skinned twi’lek smiled broadly as she sashayed about the estate, her long silver dress flowing gracefully as she did so.  Only the toes of her shoes were visible from underneath, black patent leather, six inch stiletto heels with little holes allowing her silver pedicure to peek out.  Despite having hundreds of pairs of shoes, they were her favorite pair.

Her dress was cut low, but not overly revealing, and hung from her shoulders on thin strips of fabric.  It clung to her shapely figure in a few places, most notably her ample backside, which most of the troopers at the field base had been discussing the past few days.  Koyi was adorned with bracelets on each wrist and a diamond necklace, probably worth the price of a modest home.  She wore a simple black lekku wrap, cresting her forehead just above her tattooed on eyebrows.   Twi’leks didn’t have eyebrows naturally; the only body hair they had at all was their eyelashes.  Koyi, and most other twi’lek women on Naboo, tattooed them onto herself to look more appealing to human males and to look less alien.

Koyi rounded a corner towards the agreed upon meeting place, noting she was still a few minutes early.  She was surprised to see her beau already standing beneath the trellis, arms crossed casually.

“Hey, you’re here early,” she flashed him her sexiest smile as he looked her over.

“Of course, I’ve actually been here about an hour, checking the place out,” he offered casually.

“You look stunning tonight Koyi.”

“Thank you,” she blushed.

The twi’lek placed her hand on her hip and looked him over.  His outfit was simple, white dress slacks, black leather belt, black dress shoes exceptionally polished, and a skin tight short sleeve shirt.  Just as when he emerged from his shelter a few days before, she was flustered at the sight of his muscular form.  She had been hoping to be here first, waiting for him. The young lady wanted him to first cast eyes on her against the back drop of the flowered trellis and Rori brightly filling the sky.

“What do you mean by checking the place out?”

“Just making sure it’s safe and all,” he lied.

Lieutenant Sturmwolke had tested the security, checked all the lines of sight, the escape routes, and possible sniper positions.  Besides that, he had done extensive checking on Koyi Lom and her family this week.  Buzz had scanned her ID the other day at the field base while she was distracted by his squad leader.  Advisor Adon Lom had been the advisor to the Queen since she ascended to the throne.  He was an Imperial Loyalist in every sense of the word, but was disconnected from both the war, and the people fighting it.  He had used his influence to locate the field base for his daughter, a move that didn’t sit well with Theo and company.  Investigation into that situation was in the hands of Imperial Intelligence.

“You look very handsome Theo. Are you hungry?”

“Thank you, and yes, I’m actually very hungry.”

“Come with me,” she said, extending her hand to her date.

Theo took her small hand in his, smiling at the contrast of her silver nail polish against her purple skin.  This young twi’lek had put a lot of thought into her preparations for this evening, Theo laughed to himself.  He had barely scraped his outfit together, only spending extra time to immaculately shine his footwear out of habit.  He allowed his diminutive escort to lead him to an ornate structure, with intricate brick work and massive columns standing guard at the entrance.  The faade revealed it was a restaurant, reserved exclusively for the guests of the retreat.

Even Theodorik was impressed as they entered, the lobby featured a pair of grand staircases which flanked the room and rose to a massive balcony.  Two sets of double doors no doubt led to a banquet hall.  The center of the room featured a quartet of musicians dressed in tuxedos, gently playing classical Nabooian music. The ceiling was dominated by an awe-inspiring crystal chandelier, sparkling in the soft white lights surrounding the fixture.  This place was expensive, Theo thought to himself.  This was a good opportunity for a little gag at the expense of his date.

“Good evening sir, Lom party of two,” Koyi announced as she approached the maitre d.

“Um yes, I have it right here, Miss Lom, party of two,” the man was clearly uncomfortable about something.

Koyi suddenly identified the problem, a sign behind the maitre d said Dinner Jackets Required.  She turned to look at Theo in his simple black t-shirt. He had his chest puffed out even larger than normal, making himself appear extremely dangerous.  The normally snooty host was not going to offer any objections to this man, probably the young ingenue’s body guard.

As they were seated, Theo could feel eyes on him and some whispers from the tables.  He had gotten used to it, and from appearances, Koyi was glowing with all the attention. The soldier surprised all the on-lookers by pulling the chair out for his date before he took his own seat.  Theo took his menu and played up his reaction to the high prices.

“Theo, you know this is my treat,” she said, “I know you are probably opposed to that being such a gentleman and all.”

Score one for Theodorik.

“Alright sweetie, but just this once,” he replied.

What followed could only be described as pure gluttony.  Theodorik Sturmwolke began by tearing into the appetizer with gusto.  He ordered the most expensive cut of Falumpset steak, and was on his second basket of dinner rolls by the time the soup arrived.  The twi’lek was surprised that he didn’t pick up the bowl and drink the soup directly out of the bowl he ate it so fast.  Next came the mixed greens, and even though he didn’t care for most of what was on his salad plate, he smashed through it as if he hadn’t eaten in a month.  Had Koyi not seen their living conditions with her own eyes, she might have believed it was the case.  The panicked waiter brought Theo his sorbet early, which was also done away with quickly.

But now, the fish course would be a few more minutes, and Theo took the time to look over his date.  The beautiful young twi’lek sat staring across the table, mouth agape.  He shot her a coy smile, clearly she didn’t know what to think and that was fine with the scout trooper.  It wasn’t that he had distaste for fine dining. Theo’s ire was the disconnection between the Nabooian elite in the room and the struggling peasants not more than 2 kilometers away.  Koyi herself was not the problem; she was raised not knowing any better. Perhaps he would open her eyes a little tonight.

“So Koyi, what do you do for a living?” Theo asked as the fish course was brought out.

“I’m a student, I guess.”

“You go to a university?”

“No, I get lessons in etiquette and stuff,” she shrugged.

“What about that boy from the forest, what’s his story?” Theo prodded.

“Heemo? He’s the Minister of Trade’s son.  I went to see him in the hospital the next morning and all he did was blame me for his injuries.  He’s recovering well, thanks to you guys I might add.”

Theodorik didn’t reply, instead he tore through the fish course, herb encrusted Laa or Faa, or maybe something else entirely, he wasn’t sure.  All he knew was, he was breaking through the girl’s pretentious exterior.  The trooper finished every ounce of food on his plate and set his fork down upon it.  Koyi was afraid he would top it off with a loud burp, Theo had actually thought about it, but reconsidered.

Then the steak arrived, which was so large that it hung over the sides of the already oversized plate.  By now most of the other guests were staring wide eyed at the young couple, but not with the expected disdain.  The women were transfixed by his confident eyes and impressive physique.  The men in the room were waiting to see just how much food this beast of a man could put away. This man-animal was plowing through a seven course meal without slowing down, and making no apologies for such.  Besides, it was amusing to watch the staff try to keep up with him.  Keeping a full glass of Aitha in front of him was nearly impossible.

Koyi began to feel the atmosphere in the room relax, and while she was puzzled by it, she was enjoying it.  Theodorik finished mauling his main course, including the requisite potatoes, mushrooms, and vegetables, and then killed his eighth glass of hot Aitha.  The most intriguing part of the man’s eating habits was that while they may not have been particularly regal, they weren’t rude.  He didn’t pick anything up with his hands, chewed with his mouth closed, and was able to avoid scarfing and slurping noises.

“Are you ready for the desert cart? Koyi asked, amused.

Theo looked around the room; all eyes were on him, the other guests smiling almost as if to cheer him on.

“I’m sorry everybody, I get my eating habits from my father, Fatty the Hutt.”

This elicited some snickers from the room.

“No, really, he was so fat, that when he fell to the dark side, he couldn’t get back up.”

A few of the guests outright laughed at Theo’s joke, his twi’lek companion could not believe what was happening.  This rugged scout trooper was charming the pants off of the Nabooian elite.

“Hey who wants desert?” Theo asked as a waiter brought the desert cart toward his table.

This earned him a few confused looks.

“Everybody, desert is on us, come and help yourselves.”

Koyi’s jaw hung wide open as a few guests exchanged looks, then a few rose and went to the cart.

“Don’t be shy guys, my lovely lady and I are buying you all desert.”

Within minutes, the cart was empty, and the guests were talking and laughing.  The scout trooper turned to a couple at his right enjoying slices of cake.

“What are you guys drinking? Veronian berry wine?”

The man nodded; his mouth full of the decadent desert.

“Unacceptable! Waiter, I need four, no, five bottles of Breath of Heaven.”

Theodorik looked across the table at the young beautiful twi’lek, who was completely dumbfounded.

“Hey, you guys know how Lord Vader spoils Life Day for everyone? He feels their presents.”

Everyone erupted into laughter, even the harried wait staff.  The only one not enjoying the revelry was the purple skinned twi’lek, who was mentally adding up the cost of the impromptu party.  After another thirty minutes, Theo had signaled for the check. Her date reached his hand across the table and placed it on her own.

“Relax Koyi; I’m going to take care of it.”

 Her bewildered look turned to outright shock when the bill arrived, and Theodorik began producing 1000 credit chips, one at a time from his pocket, until there were ten on the table.

“Does that cover it my good man?”

“Yes sir, and then some!” shouted the “Table Captain”, a title that amused Theo to no end.

“You keep the change my friend and extend my compliments to the chef.”

“Absolutely good sir!” the waiter exclaimed.

“You guys were good sports too, thanks for the excellent service.”

The Table Captain burst his way into the kitchen and shouted something excitedly.  The entire kitchen answered him with a chorus of cheers, complete with the clanging of spoons against pots and pans.  Theo rose from his seat, still clutching Koyi’s hand, and guided her to her feet.   She was absolutely beaming at him now; for the first time in her life, she was taken aback by a man, and this one was a common soldier.  She now admitted, he may be a soldier, but there was nothing common about him.

As the couple reached the door, Theodorik paused and whispered to his lady.

“Watch this.”

He quickly turned around to face the crowded room, and raised his hands skyward.   Everyone went berserk, as if they were at a Limmie match.  Koyi thought she would need a plastic surgeon to remove the massive smile from her face.  There was a heat rising through her body, settling in her chest, as she held the muscular man’s hand.  The attraction to him was deeply rooted in her now, she was almost afraid she would throw herself at him if given the opportunity.  They emerged onto the stone street, leaving what was now a raucous gathering behind them.

“Theodorik, I apologize.”

He stopped walking and turned to her.

“What?” He hadn’t expected her to crumble so easily.

“I misjudged you, it’s clear to me now that you are more than just a good looking guy.  I was hoping to ‘wow’ you tonight, instead it was you that has done the ‘wowing’.”

“Don’t sweat it babe, I am glad you could come out of that rich girl shell for a little bit.”

“That’s not the kind of person I want to be, all stuffy like that. I think you showed everyone here tonight that we are all taking ourselves too seriously.”

Theodorik gave her a mischievous grin.

 “Well, it’s only 9:30, feel like some more ‘wowing’?”
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Chapter 4

Girl you've never known no one like me, up there in your high society.
They might tell you I'm no good, girl they need to understand …
Just who I am.
I may be a real bad boy, but baby I'm a real good man.

Field Base Baz Nitch, Naboo

1657 Hours, Thursday

Outlaw was casually striding through the camp, carbine slung over his shoulder, helmet tucked under his arm.  His left hand was holding a comm device to his ear, and he was engaged in a conversation as he weaved through the crowded field base.

“Oh yeah, baby? That sounds good, can’t wait to see you,” he said dripping with charm.

“What’s that girl? Ha, yeah, well thanks for that, you are pretty hot yourself.”

He came to rest in front of the refrigerators, winking to another trooper standing there.

“Yeah babe, I don’t have a lot of nice stuff to wear out here, but I will do my best to look good for you.”

The other trooper smirked and held out a bottle of Corellian Ale for him. Outlaw turned his helmet upside down and held it out towards the other soldier, who promptly deposited the bottle into Outlaw’s brain bucket.  The Lieutenant winked again and started toward his tent.

“Uh huh. Sounds good, babe, I’m looking forward to seeing the place up close. Where should I meet you?”

He stepped into his tent and dumped his helmet onto his cot, immediately realizing there was a beer bottle in it.  He cringed, waiting for the sound of broken glass, but none came.

“Whats that? Yeah doll, I’m writing it down, keep going.”

Outlaw plopped on the cot, his hand finding the bottle of Ale in the blankets.  He tucked the bottle’s top under the edge of the armor plating on his bicep and yanked hard, popping the bottle cap off with a hiss.  The scout trooper took a long drink of the cold ale and then exhaled sharply as he placed the bottle on an end table.

“Oh, nothing at all babe, yep, I’ve got it all.  Eight O’clock at the trellis, I will be there. Okay? Bye bye babe.”

He snapped the device closed and dumped it onto the end table, the bottle of ale taking its place in his hand.  It had been a long day thus far; his team ran another exercise into the hills to the West today.  They were acquainting themselves with the terrain, and with each other.  Task Force “Grim Reaper” had been assembled to deal with insurgency stemming from a pair of villages and the swamps surrounding them.  Field Base Baz Nitch was one of two established as launching points for Long Range Patrols, the other was Field Base Acklay, about 60 kilometers Southwest.

“Frack, my back is killing me,” Outlaw complained, beginning to remove his armor plating.

This was a massive operation, and while the teams prepared all week, an artillery fan was being established to support their patrols.  The Empire had learned a hard lesson in the past two months out here in the remote swamps of Naboo.  It began with the construction of a classified weapons development laboratory in the swamp a few years ago.  The Imperial Army’s 196th Infantry Regiment was given the task of guarding the facility and the outlying area.  Naboo being a low risk planet, and the lab’s location, it was expected to be perfectly secure.

While they were kilometers away from any human settlement, the Gungans did have a minor presence in the area. The Gungans resented the facilty, and its effect on the local ecosystem. As a result, clashes between the Gungans and the Imperials were frequent.  The 196th had little trouble with the technologically inferior and much less organized Gungan Army.  The 2500 soldier garrison of Imperial regulars was holding the area with little help from anyone.
“Damn Army and their ego,” he scoffed as the thought crossed his mind.

The skirmishes with the Gungans had always been on patrols, or while defending incoming supply convoys. That was until six weeks ago, when a twilight direct assault on the weapons lab inflicted heavy casualties. During the raid, heavy weapons were used by the opposing force, inciting the Lieutenant Colonel commanding the 196th to seek immediate retaliation.  He promptly sent a scout platoon and a special mission platoon into the swamps, to locate the offenders’ base of operation.  He prepared his assault battalion, 662 troopers and 30 vehicles, to smash the enemy stronghold at first light.

Frantic calls from the field platoons a few hours later confirmed heavy enemy contact, and requested emergency extraction.  The Infantry Regiment was ill prepared for such an event, the best they could do was dispatch the few vehicles from the repulsorlift company that were already fueled and armed for the morning assault.  Shortly before 0400, three APCs and two AT-ST walkers attempted a rescue.  The results were disastrous, of the 68 troopers on the initial recon mission, only 14 were recovered alive.

“Those poor bastards never had a chance,” Outlaw sighed at the thought.

The rescue vehicles fared no better, with all 3 APCs receiving heavy damage and one of the walkers being destroyed altogether.  The Regiment’s casualties in that 24 hour span were staggering.  The Lieutenant Colonel swallowed his pride, and placed a call to his Battlegroup headquarters in Theed.  It took very little time from that call until the Chommell Sector Moff, whose headquarters was also located in Theed, to be briefed on the defeat.  The Moff’s response was typical, and within 48 hours, there were two battalions of Stormtroopers on the ground in Kadaara preparing to turn the Southwestern end of the continent upside down.

An entire month in the area had yielded nothing for the Stormtroopers or the Army.  A few raids were led on Gungan camps, but little progress was made against the bigger problem.  Imperial patrols were constantly harassing the villages of Lianorm and Lassay, and law abiding citizens were often the target for searches.  Over those four weeks, the actions of the Stormtroopers only exacerbated the problem.  They were turning Imperial loyalist locals into Rebel collaborators.  AT-ATs and AT-STs were constantly being sabotaged in the dark of night, or stepping on anti-vehicle mines.  Countless patrols were ambushed, and when armor or air support was called in, no enemy was ever found.  It was like fighting ghosts.

“You can’t fight insurgency with massive firepower.”

The words belonged to Brigadier General Krienz “Mastermind” Sturmwolke of Stormtrooper Special Forces.  Outlaw’s older brother was a rising star within the Corps, mostly due to the success of his brainchild, the 220th Stormtrooper Reconnaissance Platoon (Long Range).  On paper, the 220th existed for long range observation and surveillance of enemy targets.  But Mastermind’s aim for the platoon was far greater. He envisioned a covert force, capable of the full range of Special Forces activities: unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and counter insurgency.  The unit recently received accolades for Operation Sandcastle, earning Mastermind a promotion and direct control of  Stormtrooper Special Forces.

The newly promoted General used his recent success and the repeated failures on Naboo to get his people invited to the party.  Stormtrooper Corps Command gave Mastermind total control of the operation there.  It was of no small embarrassment that they were having major difficulty with insurgency on Emperor Palpatine’s home planet, not to mention less than 100 kilometers from his retreat.   So, Mastermind plucked Outlaw from his unit on Lok, and began sending him the best Scout Troopers he had in the Special Forces.  The 268th Intelligence Detachment, who had worked with them on Operation Sandcastles, would supply signals and electronic intelligence, as well as infiltrate the villages.  A massive campaign to treat the locals with respect and help build their infrastructure would be underway, and the appearance of an Imperial uniform or the dreaded Stormtrooper armor would be very minimal.

The 196th Infantry and the two Stormtrooper battalions were immediately withdrawn, a new reinforced regiment was deployed to protect the weapons laboratory, and Outlaw and the handpicked troopers began training in the area.  The artillery fan would be completely operational within the next 24 hours, and Operation Ghost Viper was underway.

Outlaw finished removing his armor and underclothes and wrapped himself in a towel. He stepped into a pair of sandals and picked up a small mesh bag containing his soap and shampoo.  His eyes settled on the last half of his beer resting on the table.  He shrugged to himself and scooped it up.

“Frack it, I’ll drink it in the shower.”
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Theed, Naboo

0930 Hours, Tuesday

Kammi awoke with a startle, realizing she had slept all night in the huge plushy chair.  She settled back into the pieceof furniture as the daylight broke through her window.  The apartment had a spectacular view of the Royal Palace, and was a short speeder bike trip to STAR 1’s hanger.  A smile grew on her face as she recollected her dream.

“Theo,” she whispered softly.

The thought of him gave her such a warm feeling inside.  He was her first crush, her first kiss, her first love.  What was she thinking? She had to go try and find him out there in the forest.  She sighed. How in the heck was she going to track him down?

“Kamiko, did you sleep on that chair all night?”

She suddenly realized that finding Theo in the forest might be the least of her problems.

“Yeah, sorry Marc, I couldn’t sleep and I came out for some milk,” she smiled sheepishly.

“Guess I fell asleep.”

Marcus Draven was pulling on a pair of sneakers as he looked at his girlfriend of five months.  He could tell something was on her mind, he had felt that way ever since they had airlifted that couple out of the Gallo Mountains.  He smirked to himself, recalling how he had curtly put those Scout Troopers in their ground pounding place.

“Where are you going this early?” she asked, trying not to look troubled.

He ran his hands through his dark brown hair as he looked at his reflection in the living room mirror.  He stood around 5’9” and had a medium build, a fraction of the muscle Theodorik had.  Marc had smooth skin and soft features, very characteristic of his regal upbringing.  He was well mannered, considerate, punctual and astute.  In other words, he was completely frelling dull.

“I’m going to run down to the hangar this morning, get some exercise in before the pre-flight. You okay? You seem distracted?”
“Yeah … no … I mean, yeah, I’m okay,” she finished lamely.

“I guess I am distracted, I should have told you before …”

She paused for a long time, selecting the proper words.  Marc stood upright and placed a hand on his hip.


“On the airlift yesterday, one of the Scout Troopers was an old boyfriend.”

To be fair to everyone involved, that was where she was going to leave the story. Theodorik was an old boyfriend. She was instantly ashamed of herself for the words, as if she was downgrading what he meant to her.   Marc only shook his head slowly, hiding his concern.

“Did it end badly?”

“Not at all, he was a sweetheart, really.  We were just kids, and well, he went away to boot camp and we both just …grew up.”

Marcus was only partly satisfied with the answer, and let his body language reflect as such.

“So, why the distraction, do you still love him?”

She leaned back into the chair, closing her eyes, screaming at herself in her head.  Just yell it out Kammi, just tell him that you are still madly in love with that scout trooper, that you would do anything to hold him again.

“Kamiko? You still love him?”

Kammi wasn’t sure why, but she couldn’t admit it, at least not to anyone else.  As much as she loved Theodorik, she was filled with fear and doubt.  Marcus was a great pilot, he was attractive, and a pretty good catch, just not for her.  She wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on ending it with him, maybe because she had to work with him every day.  She mentally face palmed herself for getting involved with someone at the hangar.

“No, Marc, I don’t love him anymore,” she lied.

Yes, I could tell you, his favorite color's green.
And he loves to argue, oh, and it kills me.
His sister's beautiful; he has his father's eyes.
And if you ask me if I love him ...
If you ask me if I love him ...
I'd lie.
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Field Base Baz Nitch, Naboo

0930 Hours, Tuesday

Koyi looked around the scout troopers’ camp with incredulity.  Music was already blaring at 9:30 in the morning, and there was a distinct clinking of weights and clicking of weapons.  A tall lanky man wearing nothing but a kitchen apron, a pair of PT shorts, and sandals, was flipping some form of meat on a massive grill.   To her left, an athletically built man sipped at a can of Corellian Ale as he sat in a makeshift wooden hot tub.   Her eyes narrowed on Theodorik, hands on her hips, ready to issue him a smarmy comment about their living conditions.  But he stood in between her and his pre-fabbbed shelter entrance, wearing only forest camo utility pants and a rancor tooth necklace, and she flustered.

“So, who is this Kammi?” She repeated shyly after an awkward pause.

“No one, what are you doing here? How did they let you in the perimeter?” he crossed his arms annoyed.

“I just wanted to say thank you, and maybe bring you some comforts from home, so to speak. They let me in because I have gifts.”

Koyi slung a back pack off of her shoulder and set it down in front of her, smiling.  She heard the clinking of weights stop and felt a few dozen pairs of eyes on her.  The purple skinned twi’lek unzipped the pack and produced two bottles of “Breath of Heaven”, an alcoholic beverage that was expensive and difficult to obtain on Naboo.

“Nice, thanks Koyi,” supplied Outlaw, still holding on to some slight discontent.

“Where do you want them?” she asked, wearing a wily smile.

He motioned to a nearby pair of large refrigerators under a canopy to his right.   The men all watched her as she sauntered to the large appliances and opened one of them.  It was jammed top to bottom with all a wide variety of food.

“Sorry dear, the drink ‘fridge is on the left,” Outlaw called.

She opened the second refrigerator to see it was loaded as well, this time with beverages of various sorts.  She found some room for the Breath of Heaven on the bottom shelf … next to four other bottles of Breath of Heaven.

“You guy are living like rock stars!” Koyi exclaimed as she walked over to her host.

“Hey young lady, how ‘bout some breakfast?” asked Milky of their guest, ignoring her insinuation.

She gave Corporal Berran a sideways look.  Outlaw looked at the young girl; he hadn’t given her body a visual once over until now.  She was actually pretty attractive, she was small, but had a thicker build, curves where a woman was supposed to have curves.  He had some experience romancing twi’leks, but not much.  He smiled at his next thought; they very much enjoyed pleasing their partners in the bedroom. Koyi was looking at him with those light blue eyes, her lekku springing from her headdress and dancing flirtatiously with her petite shoulders. Outlaw shrugged off his momentary annoyance and decided to make the best out of the female company.
“Let’s have some breakfast … Whatcha got for us today Milk?” Outlaw asked the cook while leading the twi’lek over to a group of picnic tables.

Three of the tables were clear, but four others were covered in weapons, carbines, rifles, detonators, flash bangs, and more.  Koyi swallowed hard.

“Gnort bacon," the cook answered, “sliced it myself this morning.  The slabs been curing for ‘bout three days, so it’s going to be good eatin’.”

Koyi took note of his accent, he sounded like mountain folk from Corellia.  Outlaw smiled at the menu and turned to a large tent behind Milky, cupped his hand around his mouth and shouted.

“Finn, Takoo, breakfast time.”

Koyi watched curiously as a human couple, both advanced in age, came out of the large carrying piles of dishes and utensils.  They worked quickly to set about 25 places at the three tables, rushing back into the large tent as they finished.  They emerged with baskets of bread and fresh fruit, and then set them on the table as well, and once again, scurried off into the large tent.

“You have servants?” Koyi sounded almost jealous.

“I guess if you wanted to break it down to actual job title, then yeah,” Outlaw bristled.

The purple skinned twi’lek recoiled slightly.

“Finn and Takoo take good care of us, and we pay them well for it,” he stated, then paused for effect.

“And they are well paid, believe me, and in Galactic Credits, not that worthless guallama shit trinkets and stuff the fracking Gungans pay the locals with.”

“I’m sorry Theo, I didn’t mean it like that,” she lowered her head, her hands retreating into her chest.
“It’s okay.  I just get defensive of them. I’m sorry. They make life out here bearable for us.”

Milky laughed out loud at the last statement, as did a few other troopers.  He wondered what any high ranking Imperial Officer with a stick up his ass would have to say about the way the camp was being run.  Outlaw had opted to keep the teams out here during their exercises to keep morale high, and any one of the men would tell you, it was mission accomplished.  To think they wanted to put them up in a weapons development facility due west of here, the Lieutenant was having none of that.

“So Theo, you’re going to treat me to breakfast then?” Koyi asked, ditching the shy routine for the direct approach.

“Sure, why not. Have a seat. I meant to ask you, how is your nose doing?”

The handsome Stormtrooper Officer and the pretty young twi’lek girl shared conversation as they sat together and ate breakfast.  The awkwardness of her arrival at the camp was dwindling, and as the man opened up, she became all the more smitten with him.  True, they were living like rock stars on a camp-out in the woods, but that made him all the more attractive to her.  It gave him that sexy rogue kind of vibe that she was looking for, the kind of man that would make her parents drop their tea cups.  As they talked, she edged closer to him, hoping the attraction was mutual.

“So, when are we going out?” she finally asked.

Outlaw looked down at his plate for a few seconds, and then turned his head slowly to her.  Kamiko was his one true love; he realized how much he needed her after the last night’s restlessness.   The way they parted out there in that field made the situation hard to read.  This girl was here, she was beautiful, and interested in him.
“Today is Tuesday, so how about Friday night?

She smiled daintily.

“Solid,” she said finally.
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Chapter 3

Yes, I could tell you his favorite colors green.
He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth.
His sister's beautiful; he has his father's eyes.
And if you ask me if I love him, I'd lie.

Theed, Naboo

0343 Hours, Tuesday

Kamiko slipped out of her bed and padded down the hall to her modest kitchen.  She eyed the clock on her refrigerator.

“Almost 4 in the morning,” she grumbled.

Kammi fetched herself a glass of Falumpset milk and leaned back onto her kitchen counter.  Her red night shirt extended past her hips, but just barely.  She was beyond restless, and it had every bit to do with her encounter with Theodorik the day before.  She wondered if she did the right thing just leaving him standing in that field.  It took every ounce of her strength not to cry as the ship took off and he disappeared from her sight.  She caught her reflection on the oven door and saw just how puffy her eyes were from crying.

“I should get a fracking valor award for what you’ve out me through Sturmwolke.”

Kammi crossed her apartment and flopped into an oversized sofa chair.  She sat in the dark with her milk and tried to sort through everything.  The easiest thing to do was to continue on with her life as if yesterday never happened. She furrowed her brow at the thought; it was the hardest thing to do, not the easiest.  Years spent as his best friend yearning for more had probably cost her several other relationships.  Every man she’d met was compared to Theo, and there were very few contenders, and absolutely no one able to take his place.

It seemed as if Kamiko was joined at the hip with the older boy from first moving to Tyrena until he went into boot camp eight years later.  Thinking back, she couldn’t think of a childhood memory without him in it.  When she came to the city from the hills, she had a difficult time adjusting in school, and the only people that had reached out to her were Danyella and Theodorik Sturmwolke.  She marveled at their amazing family dynamic, how they took care of each other, how they took care of everyone.

Whenever Kammi had gotten into trouble, Theo was there for her.  When she was feeling down, it was he that lifted her spirits.  She got to know him so intimately, that it felt like more than a crush to her.  There were even times when he offered her a glimmer of hope, that maybe he felt the same way she did, or could someday.  There were rare occasions when his hand would linger near hers for just a few extra seconds. There were the friendly hugs that lasted longer than usual, little pecks on the cheek that were more affectionate than they ought to be. All of it was a source of bewilderment for the young girl.

Kamiko traveled back in her memory to March 17th, seven years ago, Theodorik’s 18th birthday.  On Corellia, you were legally considered an adult, and no longer the responsibility of your parents. You could vote, own property, and apply to an institute of higher learning.   Tucked in the back of Kamiko’s mind was the worry of the another opportunity available to eighteen year olds, service in the Imperial Armed Forces.  Theodorik’s twin brothers were both Imperial Stormtrooper Officers, and with his father being a retired Captain and Clone War Veteran, it seemed the natural step for him.  The thought of Theo in combat made her nauseous.  So far, he hadn’t mentioned the prospect of doing anything other than a job as a cook in his Uncle Irwin’s restaurant.

Kamiko smiled out of her front window as Theodorik’s AV-21 halted in front of her apartment building.  As if she needed another reason to be attracted to the young man, he had a pretty sweet landspeeder, a rare, high performance landspeeder to be exact.  Flanking the vehicle behind the driver and passenger were two powerful engines, which were by no means quiet.  Nearly every CorSec agent in Tyrena and Coronet knew about the “Outlaw”, a nickname given to the sled by Kammi herself because of its flat black paint job.  The speeder sat two comfortably, and the 14 year old Kammi was a permanent fixture in the passenger seat.  It unnerved most of Theo’s girlfriends, only his current, Anna, was able to remain stoic on the subject.

He would often shrug, “she’s my best friend in the galaxy. If you want me, we are a package deal.”

The first few times she’s heard him say it, she would hide her smile, but lately, she allowed herself to enjoy it.  When one of his relationships would end, it was always her that he scooped up in his arms and swung around the room.

“I just needed a hug from someone worthy of my affection,” he had said once, Kammi just about died.

And now, here he was, parked out in front of her parent’s apartment, on his own 18th birthday, not out with his best “guy” friend Skitch or his girlfriend, but here.  Kamiko flew down the stairs of her building and into the street, stopping abruptly when she saw the freshly painted forest green racing stripes on the hood of the “Outlaw”.

“Now that’s sick,” she said as she softly patted the speeder’s nose.

“Yeah, you know how I dig on green.”

 Of course she knew.  She knew every blessed detail of the young man.  The humorous part of the crush was that everybody knew about it, everybody besides Theodorik Sturmwolke of course.  If he had known, then all the touching and unintentional innuendo would have made him a serious jerk.  But Kammi knew there was no way, he was a flirt to be sure, but he would never lead her on purposely.  Their friendship had taken years to grow to this strength, and he would put Kammi’s well being, physical and emotional, above anyone else’s. The complication was, she was so shy that if anyone asked her if she loved him, she would lie and say "no".  So, she prayed for him to make the first move.

“So, why are you here at my place on your own birthday? Showing off the paint job?”

“Yeah, partly,” he admitted.

She giggled at him, standing there leaning on the driver’s side door.

“By the stars Theo, why do you look so damn delicious?” she mumbled.

“What’s that babe?”

Oh how she loved when he called her that!

“Oh nothing at all … so, are we taking a ride somewhere?”

She hoped to cover her tracks with a subject change, but there was no disguising the redness spreading onto her cheeks.

“Absolutely, and you’re driving.”

Her reddening face was suddenly not an issue, all the color quickly draining.

“I’m what?”

“You heard me kid, you have a driving exam in less than a month, you gotta pass that thing. I’m not gonna be driving your little ass around this city forever.”

She was completely frozen in front of him.  The AV-21 was an expensive vehicle, acquired by Theodorik’s father, details on the where and when were extremely sketchy.  Kamiko was now fearful of wrecking the thing. Not because he would be angry with her, but because she knew it would bring him trouble from his father, who was always warning him to be careful with it. Furthering the point that Nicholae Sturmwolke had come about the speeder less than honestly.

After some cajoling, Kammi finally did get into that driver’s seat, and she drove it around her neighborhood, albeit at half the speed Theo was used to cruising at.  Her grin was unmistakable, however. Her smile spread ear to ear until her cheeks hurt.   He made her feel so comfortable at the wheel, so comfortable anywhere actually.  How could this just be puppy love?

“I’ll tell you Kay-bear, I frelling can’t stand Anna anymore,” he offered suddenly.

“Oh?” she answered lamely.

“Yeah, another stupid fight last night.  I’ll never fall in love, not at this rate.”

Her heart began to race.

“She’s a great girl I guess, I don’t know. I was just expecting something different.”

“I’m sorry Theo,’ was all she could manage.

“Not your fault babe,” he said turning to look at her.

She felt his eyes on her, holding their gaze longer than normal.

“What?” she blurted out, suddenly feeling self conscious.

“Was just going to mention that I like your hair down like that,” he sounded almost shy to her.

 She brought the vehicle to a screeching halt.  She stared at him wide eyed, and then the two of them burst out laughing, both of them trying to hide true feelings.  Unfamiliar thoughts regarding his sidekick had been swirling in his head.  Unfortunately for the young miss, later that night, he and Anna would patch things up, and Theo continue would hide his own true feelings.  He held onto the array of excuses he had drummed up regarding the dark haired young girl.

Nevertheless, on her birthday he finally admitted it to himself, and ultimately, to her, that he might be crazy about this girl.  It was too much for him, the way she looked that night, the way he felt when he was around her. And then the kiss on the bridge, her first kiss, their first kiss.  She remembered how she nearly ruined the mood when he took her hand.  Her first reaction was to pull it away from him, thinking he was playing games with her.  But he was so reassuring, she trusted him, ignoring her misgivings.  It was a good move on her part, because the kiss was utterly magical, and totally worth the wait.
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The hour was now late, and all but a handful of the party guests had gone home.  Kammi’s mother sat with Theo’s parents at a small round table sipping at mugs of hot Caf.  Anna had long since gone home, Theo figured she had not been intellectually stimulated enough to stay.  Danyella was seated between a pair of boys on the sofa, giggling away.  Her father stole a peek at her often enough to keep her honest, usually Theo’s job he mused.
Theodorik found himself walking the city streets with his best friend, as they’d done hundreds of times before.  This time it felt different, to both of them, and Kamiko was puzzled as to the cause.  It was then that the young man noticed the churning in his stomach subsided, and he wasn’t really that nervous around Kammi, even though he was seeing her differently.  The two of them were as easy as breathing.  While they walked along, neither said a word, but it was far from an uncomfortable silence.

With Kamiko, he didn’t feel like he needed to fill up the empty space with meaningless chatter, which was the norm for every girlfriend he had in the past.  The pair stopped on the bridge that separated East Tyrena from West and peered out onto the river. Kammi was just arms length from him, leaning her elbows on the railing, resting her chin on her hands.

“Beautiful,” Theodorik said smoothly.

“Yeah,” she breathed softly.

“Not the river, Kammi.”

He turned his body and leaned his back against the stone railing, folding his hands in front of him.

“What then?”


She gasped lightly, trying to remain calm. He had called her pretty before, but usually it was to reassure her when she was feeling down.  She stood a little straighter and placed her hands on the cold stone in front of her.

“Thanks, I guess,” she replied, trying to remain guarded, he could be playing a joke on her after all.

He saw her delicate hand resting on the railing. She had on her trademark black nail polish, which he had always thought was incredibly sexy.  He turned to face her, casually leaning on his right elbow. Unexpectedly, he reached out and took her hand in his; a surreal moment for him, as if he was watching someone else.  Kamiko, however, was rather startled, especially when he interlaced his fingers with hers.

“W-What are you doing?” she blurted nervously.

“I can’t hold hands with my best friend?”

“Theo, think about what you’re doing right now, if you are playing with me, you’re going in this fracking river,” she scolded.

He chuckled and gave her a wide smile. That was the response he expected from her.  Her eyes widened and she let go of a sigh.

“I’m confused right now Theo, you’re with Anna, and I’m feeling like … like … maybe she won’t sleep with you so you are trying your luck with me …”

“Kammi, I’m not holding your hand so you will sleep with me, or anything else. I’m holding your hand because … well, I will be honest, I just felt like touching you.”

She shivered at his words.  She had been in love with him for years now, could this be really happening?

“Listen, I know you have a crush on me Kammi,” he supplied.

Inwardly, she jumped. Calling it a “crush” was the understatement of the century Sturmy.

“I just wanted you to know, I have a crush on you too.”

He gently pulled her by her hand until she was inches from him.  Their height differential was grossly apparent as she looked up at him.  She stood on the tips of her toes until she could feel his breath on her lips.  She blinked slowly, placing her hands on his chest. He encircled her middle with his arms, helping support her weight.


“Yes, Kammi.”

“Kiss me.”

Theodorik closed the gap between them, tenderly placing his lips onto hers.  She closed her eyes and placed her slight hands onto his face.  They stayed locked in the kiss for what seemed like several minutes.  When Theo finally pulled away, Kammi held her pose, eyes closed, lips drawn together.

For years after that, Theodorik could close his eyes, and see with the clearest vision, 15 year old Kamiko standing there on that bridge, a moment after their first kiss.

On my knees, I'll ask, last chance for one last dance.
'Cause with you, I'd withstand, all of hell to hold your hand.
I'd give it all, I'd give for us, give anything but I won't give up.
'Cause you know, you know, you know …
That I love you, I have loved you all along.
And I miss you, been far away for far too long.
I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go.
Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore.

Theodorik was violently brought back to the present to the sounds of shouting.

“Lieutenant, you’ve got a visitor!” shouted Hammer.

He threw the covers off of himself and jumped off of the cot.

“Omigosh, she’s here.”

He raced around the tent, getting dressed as best he could. He excitedly rushed out into the sunlight.


“Who’s Kammi?” asked the purple skinned twi’lek in front of him.

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