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Stories / Restless Hearts
« Last post by Theodorik on December 30, 2010, 04:04:00 am »
Chapter 1

There's a story in my eyes, turn the pages of desire.
Now it's time to trade those dreams, for the rush of passions fire.

Gallo Mountains, Naboo

Daylight peeked through the lush forest canopy, extending gentle fingers of warmth to the planet’s surface.  A pair of hikers meandered through a winding mountain trail, exploring some of Naboo’s most pristine countryside.  According to the map held by Heemo Tossa, human male, age 21, the travelers were nearing an outcropping which offered a magnificent view.

The young man proudly clutched the map tightly in his right hand. He stole a glance of the purple female twi’lek escorting him and beamed.  Koyi Lom was not so much the outdoors type. She was here with Heemo because she had a crush on him, he had promised her a scenic overlook. Thoughts of a romantic first kiss filled her head.  Currently, however, she was struggling with the terrain, and her extremely fashionable attire was anything but functional.  Koyi was only 18 years of age, and a child of privilege, her parents both belonging to the Royal Nabooian Court.

The girl paused near a tree and sighed, her small frame dwarfed by its massive trunk.  There was a part of Koyi that wanted to take this trip just to disprove her reputation as a spoiled rich brat from Theed.  Now, she was cursing that notion, two kilometers into the journey and the wilderness had done anything but let up.  Dirt caked her bare knees and elbows, and there was a constant buzz of insects that she abhorred.  Maybe it wasn’t so bad being a spoiled brat from (and in) Theed.

Heemo, on the other hand, was beyond thrilled.  He looked down at the map in his clenched fist and broke into an even wider, hopeful smile.  The map had come from a friend of his fathers, who had been a liaison for the Queen around the time of the Blockade of Naboo.  He had frequent contact with the Gungans of the Lasay Swamps, due south of Heemo and Koyi’s position.  The man had claimed to know of several secluded and romantic places in the area, breath taking enough to charm a wealthy twi’lek.  One location in particular had caught Heemo’s attention, a rocky ledge that offered an alluring view of a crystal lake, and the Royal Lake Retreat alongside.

For what it was worth, this was Heemo’s first time trying to read a topographical map. He thought he was doing a fairly decent job navigating, all the while concealing from his date that he was strictly a beginner.  Unfortunately for the human, he was wrong on both accounts, and the patience of his companion had grown very thin.  Koyi began to vocalize her frustrations, subtly at first with exasperated sighs, then with more obvious grunts.   Her semi-audible protests were lost on Heemo, however, as he continued to ascend the increasingly difficult landscape.

“This is it!” Heemo exclaimed, abruptly halting his footsteps.

Koyi carefully tiptoed to join him, lightly clasping her hands onto his wrist.  Heemo stood at the rim of a precipice and peered onto the valley below. She gently edged forward to share his gaze.

“Oh my stars!” she screeched with delight.

It was a perfect vantage point, the lake and the Royal Lake Retreat in full view, from almost two kilometers away.  Heemo was satisfied with himself, and for the moment, Koyi was impressed.  The young man smiled broadly at his next thought; perhaps he could steal a kiss?  He rapidly spun on his right foot to face his consort, left leg dangling in the air gracefully.  The twi’lek let a giggle escape her lips as he energetically flirted with her.

It was when Heemo attempted to plant his left leg onto the soil in front of her that things went wrong.  At first, Koyi didn’t realize what was happening, as Heemo shot her a stunned look.  Words failed her as she stood wide eyed, watching the young man’s footing begin to falter.

“Koy-“, he gasped, reaching out to her.

Koyi had balled her hands into tight fists and drawn them to her mouth, frozen in terror.  She screamed as she watched Heemo tumble headlong down the steep embankment.  She dropped to her knees and attempted to look over the edge for him, but tears now began to cloud her vision.

Regaining her feet, Koyi turned to run, not entirely knowing where to, but she needed to get help.  She took a deep breath, in a failed attempt to calm herself, and began to bolt back down the winding trail. Branches ripped at her arms and legs as she did her best to recall the way back to the nearby village.  She was in a full sprint now, nearly blinded by tears as she struggled to remain on the path in front of her.  Suddenly, Koyi smashed solidly into something in front of her.

Her momentum coupled with the solidity of the object translated into her being tossed back several yards.  She immediately reached up to her nose, as blood began to pour from it.  X-Rays later on would confirm it had indeed broken, when she ran directly into …

“What the hell did I run into?” she shrieked.

The rush of pain in her body pushed thoughts of Heemo aside as she lie stunned on the muddy trail.  She now bled from several places, most profusely her nose. The twi’lek fought to stay conscious, positioning herself on all fours, ready to crawl for help if need be.  Part of her had written Heemo off as dead, she would be lucky if she would emerge from these woods alive.

Koyi lifted her forearm to wipe her eyes.  She suddenly became aware of something looming above her. She raised her eyes to meet a menacing looking figure in camouflaged armor, weapon at the ready.  Koyi leaned into a sitting position. From all around her, four other armor clad figures rose up out of the underbrush, all with weapons drawn and ready.  Her hands rose to her now gaping mouth, blood continuing to flow down her face.   The twi’lek began to sob uncontrollably, she was unsure of who these figures were, but she was sure they were about to end her life.

A patrol of five Imperial Scout troopers, known as a “lance”, took cover beside the winding mountain trail.  As the patrol’s leader, Lieutenant Theodorik “Outlaw” Sturmwolke took the second or “slack” position.  The patrol’s first position or “point man” abruptly raised his hand towards his teammates, palm out, indicating for the troopers to stop.  An assortment of strange noises could be heard from ahead of the group.  The point man, Corporal Melke “Milky” Berran, turned to Outlaw and tapped his index and middle fingers to his forehead twice, indicating for Outlaw, the patrol leader, to come to his position. Outlaw carefully moved next to his point man, scanning the terrain as he crouched beside him.  He swore he heard a woman crying.

“’Law, do you hear that?” whispered the trooper.

He nodded slowly and shifted his weight to look at the trail they were alongside.  There was something moving through the brush, coming directly at them.  Outlaw thought it might be an animal of some sort at first, and then as she came closer, he realized a twi’lek girl was charging at him, crying uncontrollably.  The Lieutenant stood, holding his arms open slightly, a gesture he hoped made him look less threatening.

“Ma’am, are you –“

That’s when Koyi collided with Outlaw at full speed.  Instinctively, Outlaw leveled his weapon at her.  The remaining four patrol members did the same.  Even though they were on an exercise, they were wary of anyone this deep in the forest acting so completely delirious.  The girl leaned back, innocent blue eyes growing wide.  The patrol leader waved off his men.

“Frack, she’s a mess,” shouted one of the troopers.

“Ma’am, we’re not gonna hurt you,” Outlaw promised as he knelt down to her.

“You definitely need our help, young lady, don’t you?” he continued, realizing she was shaking vigorously.

Koyi was startled when Outlaw began removing his helmet.  She hadn’t expected him to look so, well, normal.  Theodorik’s emerald green eyes met hers for a moment; she saw something there, something soothing.  The other troopers began to gather around her now.

“I’m Theo.”

She nodded, instantly feeling very calm.


“Commo,” Outlaw calmly commanded, “call off the exercise and tell them we are bringing in a wounded civilian.”

One of the troopers had set a medical bag on the dirt in front of her and was beginning to pull out bandages and tape.  Another trooper was standing behind Theo with her hand to his ear, seemingly talking to himself.

“Wait! Wait!” she blurted out, losing control once again, “My friend, he’s really hurt, he fell off of that cliff!”

Koyi frantically pointed where she surmised the rocky ledge was.  Being honest with herself, she wasn’t really sure what direction she had come from.  Again, Theodorik’s eyes locked onto hers.

“Okay, Koyi, your friend, what’s his name?”

“Heemo, Heemo Tossa,” she paused as the team medic pinched her nose closed with gauze.

“He lost his balance and fell, I am not certain of where, but we had a view of the retreat, and …”

Outlaw gently held his hand up.

“Koyi, we’ve got this covered,” he assured her as he rose to his feet.

“Milky, Hammer, get up to that ledge and find Mr. Tossa,” he pointed up the trail as he spoke.

“Hooah, you got it El-Tee,” grunted Staff Sergeant Tobias “Hammer” Abstreiter.

Outlaw turned to the trooper behind him.

“Buzz, you’d better get Royal Fire Rescue out here, I don’t think we have any Medevacs available.”

Sergeant Sylvain “Buzz” Candro had already radioed both the field base for the exercise and the sectional headquarters notifying them of the situation.  He now selected a new channel on his terrestrial radio.

“Imperial Patrol Outlaw One-One-Nine calling Royal Fire Rescue communications, urgent message, over.”

“Imperial Patrol: go with your urgent, over.”

“R-F-R Communications, we have two civilian injuries, one possibly critical, south of the Lake Retreat, in the Gallo Mountain range. We are requesting STAR unit for removal, stand by for grid square.”
General Discussion / Comments on Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Operative Ghost on December 28, 2010, 11:18:00 pm »
Huzzah!!!!! Great story, defiantly was what I needed to read while I am on liberty and away from the boat life.
General Discussion / Comments on Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Theodorik on December 25, 2010, 12:37:00 am »
Although I've been doing a little tinsy bit of editing here and there for grammar, etc, I am going to call her done.  Already working on new story. Would really love to have some comments, so I know someone is actually reading it. :)
Stories / Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Theodorik on December 21, 2010, 01:45:00 am »

3 Months Later

Aliksander was reading yet another communique from his brother, the newly promoted Brigadier General Krienz Sturmwolke. His twin brother was now in control of the Special Forces Stormtrooper Corps, and had been assigned to Imperial Center as a result.  There had been doubts at one time about the validity of the 220th's existence.  Their performance during Operation Sandcastle had earned them a massive funding boost, as well as an increase to 50 assigned Operatives.  The teams were now engaged in several different operations at once.

Lieutenant Theodorik "Outlaw" Sturmwolke had volunteered for a mission in the Naboo System and had barely been heard from in the past 3 months.

Sergeant First Class Kentt "Ghost" Em'asep had virtually disappeared.  He was tasked with a risky deep cover operation and had all of his records cleared off of the 220th's databases.  He was last seen at the funeral for Strider and Talysun, it is assumed by the members of the team that he assumed another identity and may be gone for quite awhile, possibly forever.

Major Aliksander "Ice Man" Sturmwolke was named the CO of the 220th of course.  He, unlike his twin brother Krienz, often went into the field and conducted operations with the Operatives. Sergeant Major Xenea "Hellion" Foxx became Aliksander's CSM, and continues to guide the Platoon and keep her new CO out of trouble.

Lieutenant Athena "Onyx" Kobol stepped up to take greater leadership in the unit, mostly filling the gap for the absent Outlaw.

The whereabouts of Sergeant First Class Karana "Talon" Talynsun has been a closely guarded secret.  The majority of the unit, save Rockhead, Ice Man, and Outlaw, still believe she is dead. There had been rumors of her sighting on Corellia and other places, all dismissed by Aliksander of course.

Staff Sergeant Ruh "Rockhead" Shiod continues to carry out the bloodiest of the missions for the 220th.  It is rumored that he will be receiving a promotion in the upcoming days.

The funerals for the fallen Operatives had been very moving.  The entire platoon was in attendance, with the exception of Shiod, to which Foxx and Em'asep took great offense.  It indicated to "Ghost" Em'asep that something was out of the ordinary with their demise.  

Receiving Citations for Operation Sandcastle were:

COL Krienz Sturmwolke, Bronze Star
MAJ Aliksander Sturmwolke, Imperial Cross, Silver Star
MAJ Melyssa Kassel, Bronze Star
CPT Shellbee Belle, Imperial Cross, Silver Star
1LT Theodorik Sturmwolke, Imperial Cross, Silver Star
CWO Nephrite, Silver Star
CSM Xenea Foxx, Imperial Cross, Silver Star
SFC Karana Talynsun, Imperial Medal of Honor (posthumously)
SFC Kennt Em'asep, Imperial Cross, Silver Star (record sealed)
SSG Ruh Shiod, Imperial Cross, Silver Star
SGT Aerynn Sun, Silver Star
SGT Isala Strider, Imperial Medal of Honor (posthumously)
CPL Zehrmatt Gestaad, Bronze Star

The 220th Stormtrooper Reconnaissance Platoon (Long Range) received the Emperor's Royal Unit Citation.
Stories / Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Theodorik on December 20, 2010, 07:27:00 pm »
Mos Eclipse
Bldg 3242
Two Days Later

Theodorik stood alone in the elevator as it brought him underground.  Major Sturmwolke, Aliksander, his brother, had called for a debriefing of their last mission, Operation Sandcastle.  He had allowed extra time for the Operatives to rendezvous back at their Platoon base.  Aliksander reasoned they could use the time to travel, and to recover mentally and physically. Theo scoffed aloud; he knew the mental recovery would take more than 48 hours.

He exited the elevator on sub-level 1.  The walls were adorned with several pieces of Imperial themed artwork.  He turned and smiled at the sign above the elevator, "Recon Commando School: Learn or Die". 

Theodorik turned left and entered the Squad Room, the first portion of which was laid out like a lounge.  On the walls surrounding him were mannequins adorned in Stormtrooper armor of various origins.  Most was worn by specialized Stormtrooper units throughout the Civil War and the various peacekeeping efforts by the Corps. Three sets of Phase II Clone trooper armor were in one corner of the room.  Amongst them was the black and gold Mark VI armor worn by Captain Nicholae Sturmwolke of the Republic’s Shadow Trooper Regiment.
The meeting room portion was laid out as expected, with rows of chairs all facing a large blue screen hung on one wall. Aliksander was standing to the right of the screen, engaged in small talk with Sgt Aerynn "Prowler" Sun, who was seated in the first row.  She was undoubtedly more comfortable down here where it was kept cool, as her subspecies of human was intolerant of the heat.  It was obvious Aliksander had taken a liking to her since his arrival, as she was not only a capable soldier but fiercely loyal to the Empire. She had that "mission first" attitude that Aliskander tried to breed in all his troops.

Occupying seats in the second row were Hellion and Ghost, who sat in apparent silence.  Ghost had his right arm slung over his compatriot’s chair. Hellion was leaned forward, elbows on her knees, hair pulled back and messy, clearly exhausted.  Ghost turned his head slightly and offered a small wave of his right hand to Theodorik.  There was much tension in their body language.

CWO Nephrite aka Agent Wraith sat in the end seat of the first row. Theodorik purposely avoided eye contact with her, now knowing that she was a Sith Lord.  His visage dropped into a slight scowl at the thought.  He shivered as he pictured her chopping down Oroxido like a lumberjack having at a tree.

Outlaw recognized several other Operatives having small parts in the mission sitting in the next few rows, Hawkbat, Razor, Onyx, Spider, Torch, and Fixer.  By himself in the back row, was Rockhead.  He sat relaxed with both arms lounged over the chairs flanking his.  He wore a satisfied grin, and appeared to be completely at ease.  Noticeably absent from the room were Talon and Delta.

Aliksander noticed his brother standing in the doorway and spoke.

“Outlaw, welcome home brother. Please, sit so we can get started.”

Theo slid into a seat at the end of the second row and exhaled sharply.

“Troops, as you all know, we are here for the debriefing from Operation Sandcastle.”

Everyone in the room turned their eyes on the Major.  There was palpable apprehension in the room; the team was no doubt wondering where some of their teammates were, and why they weren’t in attendance.

“First, it is my unfortunate duty to inform you all that two of our Operatives, Sergeant Isala “Delta” Strider and Sergeant First Class Karana “Talon” Talynsun, have been killed in action.”

There was a collective gasp in the room. Death was a part of the military life, but it was still difficult to hear a friend of yours had been killed. You just did your best not to dwell on it.  Outlaw knew the truth however, and glared at his brother with disdain. Aliksander’s expression was of genuine concern, expertly concealing his false information.  The fact Strider was a spy had to be a guarded secret, but Theo was failing to see the logic in faking Talon’s death.

“We will be conducting a space burial for both women in two days time.  Their names will be ceremoniously inscribed on the Imperial Special Forces Wall of Honor on Naboo the following day.”

Major “Ice Man” Sturmwolke was going to eject an empty casket into space to further his agenda.

“With the unfortunate part of the briefing behind us, I can officially declare Operation Sandcastle successfully concluded.  All parties directly involved in the murder of our colleagues have met their end.”

He paused to let the room process the information.

“As you all know, Tatooine is very important to us in the search for the terrorists Kenobi and Skywalker, as they recently called that planet home.”

An image of Tatooine appeared on the screen behind the Major as he spoke. He scanned the room and continued.

“Our number of troops on Tatooine has of course been increasing to that end, this teams intentions was to attack our infrastructure there in hopes of stalling our investigation.  We discovered a Rebel agent known as Xiss, real name Amarxiss Indeskies, posing as a gun runner in Anchorhead.  Xiss was part of a team sent to Tatooine to disrupt the Imperial supply lines of this planet.   It is becoming apparent that Xiss goaded a small time criminal into taking the shots at the Lambda Shuttles.”

“It seems Xiss supplied two members of his team, both Rebel Spec Ops troopers, to ensure the mission came to a successful end.  The two troopers were intent on laying the entire blame on one Oroxido Flyingrider and his gang.  We’ve discovered some manipulation of the Mos Eisley Police databanks to indicate that the two troopers were well established locals with extensive criminal ties to Flyingrider.  The Rebels had hoped to sever any connection they had to the events, possibly to make them appear less like murderers.”

The group was taking in the information, most of it uncovered by Theodorik’s team.  This was the first time he was hearing it bundled together into a neat package, however.

“After the shuttles were downed, the 220th responded swiftly to the area, and the plans for further attacks were abandoned.”

Aliksander produced a datapad and held it out at arm’s length.

“This was recovered on Xiss after Rockhead was forced to take him out.  Here is what it contained.”

The screen behind Aliksander changed to a blown up view of Xiss’s datapad. Aliksander pocketed the original.

“Here you can see several messages to encrypted recipients calling off further attacks and organizing an escape for the team.  It seems the intention of the Rebel group was to send Flyingrider's group to a resort on Dantooine where they were planning on disposing of them at a later time.  We of course intercepted this information and killed one of the crew, a bothan named Satim.”

Both Aliksander and Theodorik noticed the satisfied grunts coming from the team whenever the name of a deceased terrorist was mentioned.

“Right about that time, the terrorist cell scattered and went into hiding.  Operative Ghost tracked Flyingrider to a criminally active city name Mos Carova.  We monitored his activity while we flushed his gang out into the open.  Unfortunately this is when the 220th itself became a target, and this is when I was assigned to the team.”

“Olann Martell was able to make it to Talus, but our Signals Intelligence people were able to pin his signal down to Fort Keen.  After he took a few hostages, we were forced to kill him lest we put innocent lives at risk. He held information on his person that led to the two Rebel Spec Ops troopers, Tenaro Kirett and Davig Dustwaver.”

That was completely false Theodorik knew.  Aliksander had picked up the information on the Rebels from monitoring Strider’s communiqus. 

“Through some of our less than desirable connections, we provided false information on some 220th Operatives to these two men, hoping to lure them into the open for capture.  The timing on one of our plans was a little rushed, and Hellion and Ghost were placed in harm’s way.  I apologize for that, but we discovered the plans for that shuttle entirely too late.”

Hellion and Ghost both shuddered as they thought back to how close they were to being blasted into a million pieces.

“A Captain from the 268th was able to spot Kirett shortly after the explosion and attempted to apprehend him, but was again forced to kill him as he tried to escape.  Almost simultaneously Dustwaver, whom Imperial Intelligence had come to call the 'Dragon', brazenly attempted to assassinate Colonel Sturmwolke.”

Aliksander allowed some pride to seep into his voice.

“Of course, I personally dealt with the 'Dragon'.  It was at this point we no longer needed Flyingrider alive, and so we sent in a team to take him out.  In an ironic twist of fate however, our team discovered Flyingrider had been a robbery victim that morning, and lay stabbed in the streets of Mos Carova.  His body was positively identified after it was ‘recovered’ by our local assets.”

Theodorik frowned.  His brother had a lot of information to hide.  The younger Sturmwolke still hadn’t decided what he was going to do with in depth knowledge of the mission.  He had considered sharing it with Hellion and Ghost, but wanted to see exactly what the official version was first.

“Currently, Imperial Inquisition has opened several investigations based on our findings, but for our purposes, Operation Sandcastle is officially ended.”

He took a step forward and paused as the screen slowly faded into a rotating Imperial Crest.

“I have several new assignments and some travel orders for most of you.  I will allow all of you one days time to rest and recover before I give them to you. Dismissed.”

The group began to talk amongst themselves and rise from their seats.

Aliksander quickly added, “and great job everyone.”
Stories / Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Theodorik on December 20, 2010, 02:22:00 pm »
Mos Entha

Rockhead snapped his datapad closed and pocketed it.  He brought his hand to his chin and rubbed it as he digested what he had read.  The information was unexpected, but not completely shocking.  Agent Talon was the kind of woman that men dreamed about: strong, intelligent, beautiful.  Her time off duty had been her own business, but now, this development.

"Pregnant," he said aloud.

The woman was anything but promiscuous. In the time he had known her, she did have a lover or two.  Rock wondered if the father was anyone from the unit, or stationed in Mos Eclipse for that matter.  Not that he was judgemental on the subject.  Warriors had their own code of conduct. One of the things he knew was that you loved who you could and when you could.

His orders were clear, get Karana "Talon" Talynson to the safe house on Tatooine and keep her there until the child was born.   This was not terribly unusual. It was obvious a pregnant female was of very limited use to the team.  But the unsettling part of the story was the "why?", and why she had to be kept secluded.

It seems Major Sturmwolke has discovered a connection between Talon and one of the rebel's major players in the Outer Rim.  Ice Man was reluctant to provide further details, and Rockhead knew not to pursue it.  He had evolved into the team's, and by default Aliksander's, secret assasin.  The Zabrakian relished the duty, it offered him the perfect balance. He enjoyed the thrill of the chase, the investigation, the intelligence gathering.  But the final step, the coup de grace, the actual carrying out of Imperial Justice, now that thrilled him. He didn't risk jeopardizing his role with the team by asking for information he didn't really need.

Rockhead crossed the small apartment into the room where Karana slept.  He would be moving her tonight under the cover of darkness, to a location being prepared by members of the team's extensive network of spies and loyalists. He was instructed not to give anyone else from the team any information on his current mission.  Aliksander would explain the disapearance of all parties involved, and that was good enough for him.

Rockhead settled into a comfortable chair near Karana's bed and closed his eyes.  He needed his rest, tonight he had to be sharp for his mission.
Stories / Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Theodorik on December 19, 2010, 05:55:00 pm »
"A Sith Lord! Aliksander have you lost your fracking mind?!?!" Theodorik exclaimed.

Aliksander looked back at his brother, expression unchanging.

"It was for the good of the mission, all of it was,"Aliksander supplied matter of factly.

Theodrik's face drooped and he dipped his eyes toward the floor.  He was sure he could have figured the entire mess out without resorting to these tactics, or would he? Having a spy within the unit was disturbing, as was the attempts on the lives of his platoon.  Aliksander's plan had lured them all right into the rancor's den.  He didn't want to admit it, but there was real genius behind the plan.  It was the collateral damage involved that was tough to get over.

"So what now Aliks? What about Karana?"

"Her injuries are going to require us to keep her in hiding for awhile."he answered.

Theodorik leaned back into the table. He was glad that he was alive. He was especially glad the mission was completed, despite the reservations he had for the methodology his brother exhibited.

"I've told you all that I know right now Theo,"he concluded.

For now, Theo thought, it would have to be enough.
General Discussion / Comments on Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Nephrite on December 16, 2010, 04:34:00 am »
LOVE the totally awesome new entry.

Granted I may be a bit biased, since I'm in it lol.
Stories / Castles in the Sand
« Last post by Theodorik on December 16, 2010, 12:54:00 am »
Theodorik pondered for a moment.

"Who is this special agent, brother?"

Oroxido scurried about Mos Carova, getting his things together and trying to secure a ride out of town. The shuttle that normally flew in from Bestine hadn't arrived and the locals were slightly perplexed over it.  He was sure his next move was putting some distance between himself and this place, which had served as his hide-out off and on during this entire caper.  The local criminal element had provided him an opportunity to blend in, he thought.

Oroxido threw his satchel of belongings over his shoulder.  He grinned a little, knowing that he now had enough credits to buy anything he wanted.   He chuckled, allowing himself to relax slightly.  He did it, he was getting away.  He had bought an over priced land speeder and was preparing to head West, possibly to Mos Entha, where he would get passage off world.  He turned to look at his temporary home one last time and sighed.  Satisfied with himself, he threw his satchel into the passengers seat of the speeder. He was nearly ready to depart when he felt an unusually cool breeze on his neck.

Oroxido had no intentions of turning around to investigate the breeze, in his mind, he was already gone, and the local weather was no longer his concern. What did get his attention was the snap-hiss of that ancient weapon.  He had never heard it before in person, but the stories were well told.

He got a sick feeling in his stomach as he whirled around. A woman stood before him, with a long mane of fiery red hair blowing out behind her.  She was bathed in a blue-green light, her eyes glowing the same sinister hue.  The air was still around them, yet her stark black robes flapped about her as if in a windstorm.  The athletically built woman held her two hands above her head, clutching a lightsaber the color of the golden sands between them.  She looked at Oroxido with a wide baneful smile.

Oroxido's next thought was his last. 

"Oh please no ..." he muttered.

Agent Wraith did as she was instructed, and with one violent slash the Sith Lord struck down Oroxido Flyingrider right there in the dusty streets of Mos Carova.
General Discussion / Changes to Fort Keen and CCXX
« Last post by Operative Ghost on October 31, 2010, 10:56:00 pm »
For those who are wondering on the progress on this, the gears for Outpost Kappa are now turning. The final names for the main buildings have been named, four beautifully decorated trees have been grown, and more is hopefully soon to come. I have also moved my vendor named "Tusky Mafia Trader" into one of the trees, known as "Trading Huts".

Anyways... just a small speck of info for those interested :)
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